Honoring Bettina Dobbs

Camp Constitution recently sponsored an afternoon at the Rockland, ME Library to honor Mrs. Bettina Dobbs, co-founder of Guardians of Education for Maine, and author of the book “Gems From the GEM Years,” published by Camp Constitution Press and available on the camp’s on-line bookstore. Guardians of Education in  Maine was started in  1978 by Mrs. Dobbs, a registered nurse and a retired school teacher, and Charlotte Iserbyt, a Camden school board  member  who later went on to work for the U.S. Department of Education.  Mrs. Pat Truman, a member of GEM, presented a framed letter from Maine’s Governor Paul LePage to Mrs. Dobbs commending her efforts with GEM, and the impact she has made on the lives of several generations of students and parents. Michelle Truman, a school teacher spoke about the great influence Mrs. Dobbs had on her teaching career, and GEM’s co-founder, Charlotte Iserbyt reminisced about the numerous success stories GEM had on local, state and regional education issues. Here is a link to the program on Youtube: