George Schuyler, A Patriot and One of the Best Writers of His Time: A Presentation by Mary Graybar, PHD

About five years ago, I was doing some research on George Schuyler, the late black patriot, and writer who wrote for the now defunct “American Opinion” magazine.  I read his autobiography Black and Conservative many years ago, and purchased a portrait of him that was used for a cover of “American Opinion”.  I was trying to find a good home for the portrait where it would be properly displayed.  I found an article written by Mary Graybar back in 2011 or so on the subject of Mr. Schuyler, and contacted her via the E-mail that was at the end of the article.  I was able to provide Mary a copy of every article Mr. Schuyler wrote for “American Opinion.”  Mary was also an expert on Howard Zinn and wrote a book exposing his lies.  I interviewed Mary on our radio show during the height of last year’s riots.  This year, we were blessed to have Mary teach a few classes at our 13th annual  family camp.  One of the classes was a presentation about Mary’s forthcoming biography of George Schuyler.  A link to the presentation is below.  (His portrait is on display at the Lane House in Lexington, MA where hundreds of people have learned about this great man.)

)Rev. Steve Craft and Mary Graybar with

portrait of George Schuyler)