From Live Free or Die to Come Here and Die: The Death Cultists Among Us

First, the so-called elites promoted Eugenics which led to forced sterilization laws.   Then it was abortion, first decriminalized in California, and New York, and then decriminalized by the now overturned Roe v Wade decision.  Note how angry the elite, especially in the Democrat Party, got when the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs v Jackson decision was leaked back in May of 2022.   The Left went ballistic unleashing a barrage of violence against churches and Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers around the country.  New Hampshire wasn’t spared.  Pathways Pregnancy Care Center, a Christian ministry in Littleton, was vandalized. No arrests were made for this vicious hate crime, and no public condemnation of this act was made by Governor Sununu or any of our Congressional delegation. A call to Pathways confirmed that Sununu and the Democrat Congressional delegation didn’t reach out to the center condemning the vandalism, bigotry, and hate.  Indeed, they all poured gasoline on the fire by denouncing the Supreme Court decision knowing full well that it had absolutely no impact on abortion in New Hampshire.  The once “Live Free or Die State” has, over the years, become the “Come Here and Die State.”

The Death Cultists are also pushing so-called gender reassignment surgery via chemical and surgical castration of children.  And woe to any who dare speak out against this.  If you don’t wholeheartedly support this Death Cult madness, you may not be able to adopt children.  Another item on their evil agenda is  “assisted suicide” legislation which was recently passed by the New Hampshire House.

Forced Sterilization and its Racist Roots

Forced sterilization was popular among our racist elite from the 1880s up to the early 1970s.  It fell out of favor by the elites not because they thought it was wrong but because their Nazi colleagues in Germany efficiently adopted it from them.  Thirty states passed laws that allowed it.  New Hampshire was no exception.  One of the leaders of the Eugenics movement was Harry Hamilton Laughlin who would be a big hit at today’s anti-Israel protests because he believed most Jews were feeble minded.  One of our nation’s top Eugenics and forced sterilization advocates was Madison Grant.  Grant’s 1916 book The Passing of a Great Race was translated into German and read by Hitler in the early 1920s.  Hitler made references to Grant’s book in Mein Kamph, quoted Grant in his speeches, and even sent Grant a fan letter praising his book.  It comes as no surprise that  Grant was an evolutionist. He was secretary of the New York Zoological Society and helped put a man from the Congo, Ota Benga, on display with monkeys in the Bronx Zoo.

I am sure very few readers know about this sordid history due to the fact that modern day Death Cultists control our government schools, and most of the media and publishing houses. Very few readers have heard of Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project and that Martin Luther King was in on the hustle promoting its racist agenda.   He was one of the first recipients of its Margaret Sanger Award.


Madison Grant                            Ota Benga

The New England states that had forced sterilization laws besides New Hampshire were Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut.  California led the way with over 20,000 forced sterilizations, New Hampshire had about 700-with 90% of them being women.  Here is a portion of the 1929 New Hampshire law on forced sterilization:

“Whenever the superintendent of any state or county institution shall be of the opinion that it is for the best interest of the inmate and society that any inmate of the institution under his care should be sexually sterilized, such superintendent is hereby authorized to cause to be performed by some capable surgeon the operation of sterilization…”

Most of these forced sterilizations took place at the State School for Feeble Minded Children in Laconia.  States slowly repealed these laws some were still on the books until the early 1970s.


“Assisted Suicide”

Jack Kevorkian 1928-2011

Suicide is self-murder.  If two or more people are involved it can no longer be suicide. Jack Kevorkian, one of the Death Cult’s high demons went to jail for 2nd degree murder for participating in an “assisted suicide.”  Currently, nine states- and Washington D.C, all of them, with the exception of Montana, are Democrat Party strongholds, have passed “Death With Dignity” laws.  These Death Cultists love to use euphemisms to mask their acts:  “Reproductive Health Care and Gender Reassignment Surgery are two others employed by them.  The Death Cultists are active in  New Hampshire and are close to passing more Death Cult legislation.  The New Hampshire House narrowly passed the bill HB1283 which should have been ceremoniously named HB1984. Here are the members of the Death Cult who sponsored the bill:

  • Representative Sherry Dutzy (D) from Hillsborough District 6.
  • Representative David Paige (D) from Carroll District 1.
  • Representative Linda Haskins (D) from Rockingham District 11.
  • Representative Stephen Woodcock (D) from Carroll District 1.
  • Representative Emily Phillips ® from Rockingham District 7.
  • Representative Bob Lynn ® from Rockingham District 17.
  • Representative Dan Wolf ® from Merrimack District 7.
  • Representative Bill Bolton (D) from Grafton District 8

While members of this cult have a cozy home in the Democrat Party, the Republicans also have them in their ranks.  The bill will be voted on in the Senate on May 16.  If passed, it will go to the governor who said that he is “open to considering the bill” which means in Orwellian Double Speak, that he will sign it.  Readers are urged to call their senators as soon .as possible and tell them to say no to  the Death Cult agenda and its HB1283.

“Are we a culture of life, or are we a culture of death,” said Rep. Terry Roy (R-Deerfield). We will soon find out.