Former Late Term Abortion Nurse Julie Wilkinson Now a Pro-Life Activist Discusses Her Experience


Recently, Camp Constitution hosted a presentation titled “From Darkness to Light:  The Julie Wilkinson Story” at the Lane House in Lexington, MA.   She also spoke at Liberty Church in Lexington and has several other speaking engagements over the next few days in New Hampshire.

 Julie was raised in an intact but quite liberal home. In 1983 after breaking up with a boyfriend, moved to Boulder, CO where a nursing school classmate and friend lived.  Accepted a position as abortion assistant at a late term abortion clinic, run by Warren Hern MD. Left after about 2 years there. Experienced a heart change by the grace of God, and partly due to employment in an NICU in Denver. Married in 1987 and moved to Cheyenne. Did not share with friends her dark secret of working in the abortion industry for many years. Moved to Oklahoma in 1996.
 Eventually made contact with Abby Johnson who had herself managed an abortion clinic but left the business and went on to create outreach for abortion clinic workers. She gained the courage to share her sad story, in the hope it might help women rethink their plans to end their children’s lives. Today, she shares to her story with anyone that is interested.  She played the abortion nurse in the movie “UNPLANNED” (which was filmed in Oklahoma) and it is Abby Johnson’s story of redemption.  Her prayer is that her story may convince others that ending innocent children’s lives is never the answer.


The website of Abby Johnson’s organization Pro-Love: