Flag of Communist China Raised on Boston’s City Hall Plaza

Today, the Chinese Progressive Association of Boston sponsored a Communist China flag raising ceremony on Boston’s City Hall Plaza to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the communist takeover of China.  On hand to help celebrate an event that led to genocide and the continual persecution of millions of people was City Councilor Ed Flynn.

Along with the supporters of Communist China were an equal number of people who did not share Ed Flynn’s support of this murderous regime.  Falon Gong practitioners, whose members have been viciously persecuted by the brutal communist regime, organized a peaceful but loud protest.  Also on hand were students from Hong Kong-some of them wearing masks to hide their identity fearing reprisals by the communists, Camp Constitution, and Super Happy Fun America members which, like Camp Constitution, was denied a permit to fly their flag.

Boston was once known as the Cradle of Liberty but has become a Cradle of Tyranny.  Thankfully, there was plenty of outrage over this event.  Readers are urged to share this video with members of the corporate media which failed to cover this event, and contact Mr. Flynn letting him know that elected officials who take an oath to defend the Constitution should not be supporting a murderous regime.   Mr. Flynn’s contact info: 617-635-3203 ED.FLYNN@BOSTON.GOV