Exposing Earth Day

This morning, I received numerous E-mails from companies- national and local- from Best Buy to Miles Kimball to the Monadnock Ledger -pushing Earth Day. I flipped on my TV to see that even  Fox News is also in on the Earth Day hustle. No surprise.  Fox News also promotes “Pride Month.”  But instead of going along with the fraud, we at Camp Constitution will expose it.

The first Earth Day was observed on April 22, 1970 which just so happened to be the 100 Anniversary of the birth of Lenin, a  syphilitic, mass murdering psychopath that members of the American Left loved and admired.

Gary Allen, author and journalist wrote an expose of Earth Day titled “Ecology Government Control of the Environment” which was published in the May 1970 edition of “The American Opinion”:  Here is an excerpt:

Nobody is willing to admit who
selected the date of April twenty-second
for the “Earth Day” teach-ins. That is,
after all, the one -hundredth anniversary
of Lenin’s birth. A coincidence you
think? The student activists just picked a
convenient weekend? Hardly. April
twenty-second falls on a Wednesday. For
months the radical and Communist Press
has been detailing plans to celebrate
Lenin’s centennial birthday with worldwide demonstrations.

April twenty second is as familiar a date to these people as Washington’s Birthday is to real
Americans. The selection of this date as
“Earth Day” provides an excellent indication of who is running the campus ecology movement.
I telephoned the Teach-In’s national
coordinator, Denis Hayes, to ask him how
April twenty-second happened to be
selected for the ecology festivities. Mr.
Hayes, late of Harvard ‘s Graduate School
of Government, had obviously memorized his answer: “It also happens to be
William Shakespeare’s birthday , Queen
Elizabeth’s birthday, Maryanna Kaufman’s birthday and her Aunt Ann’s birthday, but I am sure that none of those
entered into Gaylord Nelson’s thoughts
when he and the steering committee or
whoever it was chose that date .”
Mr. Hayes should avoid lying about
matters so easily checked. The date settled upon as the natal day of William
Shakespeare is April 23 , I564 ; Queen
Elizabeth was born on April 21 , 1926.
Which leads one to suspect that even
Hayes’ friends Maryanna Kaufman and
her aunt (if they exist) might well have
been born on some Friday the thirteenth
for all he knows. What else do you
suppose Mr. Hayes lies about?

Here is a link to the article in its entirety:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/camppictures/CampArchive/Domestic/Ecology.pdf

The greatest polluters are governments especially in communist countries where there is no private property.  An excellent read on the subject is Troubled Lands The Legacy of Soviet Environmental Destruction.

Camp Constitution believes that we are stewards of God’s Earth, and we have a duty and obligation to be good and wise stewards of God’s Earth, but we do not worship the Earth nor do we think that allowing governments unlimited powers over property will  insure a clean and healthy environment.  Last year, we became a sponsor of two miles of highway in Alton, NH where we organize two clean-ups a year.  We encouraged local left-wing groups to do likewise but they have not risen to the challenge,  Perhaps they are too busy holding signs at the local rotary on Saturday morning urging the killing of unborn babies.