Earth Day and Lenin’s Birthday– A Coincidence?

Earth Day was first observed on April 22, 1970, the 100 anniversary of the birthday of Vladimir Lenin-one of the 20th Century’s most repulsive persons.  Was it a coincidence or deliberate.  If Earth Day was founded by advocates of liberty and limited government, the day would have been designated “Wise Use Day” or Good Stewardship Day.”  Sadly, the folks who gave us Earth Day were not.  The late Gary Allen, who authored “None Dare Call it Conspiracy,” “Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask” and “The Rockefeller File,” wrote a monthly article for a now-defunct magazine called “American Opinion.”  In May of 1970, he wrote an article entitled Ecology Government Control of the Environment which exposed the people and organizations behind Earth Day.  We make that timeless article available in PDF format: