Defend our Constitution From All Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic

“You will never know how much it has cost my generation

to preserve your freedom.

I hope you will make good use of it.”

— John Adams, 220 years ago
The world still believes in the American experiment in self-governance. The Davos oligarchs [World Economic Forum] have demonstrated their gross incompetence to all the world over the last 2 years. They have neither right nor ability to govern America and Americans. We are a free people. And we have governed ourselves for almost 250 years now based on a Constitution developed by self-reliant farmers, tradesmen, shop owners, and landholders. These forefathers rejected a foreign monarchy and oligarchy and instead created and fought for a political structure which remains an inspiration for the world… a shining city on the hill…This is OUR country. We own this amazing gift. But we must defend it if we wish to keep it.
– Dr. Robert Malone speech at the DC Rally on Jan 23, 2022, 10 days ago
Our Founding Fathers gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to ensure the blessings of liberty for countless generations.
The Elite oligarchs are sacrificing other people’s lives in medical genocide, obliterating other people’s fortunes while amassing unimaginable wealth for themselves. They have no integrity, no honor, and do conspire to enslave humanity under the chains of tyranny for countless generations.
Standing between We the People and tyranny is the United States Constitution that protects us.
If we protect her.
Prov 22:28  Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
This article is about that very battle. PLEASE make the time to read this and watch the video for the sake of our Constitution. I’m not going to lie to you, this will take less than 2 hrs of your time to read and watch everything. Where do you rate a mere 2 hrs with the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers?  Please prioritize this. Time is of the essence. We are possibly only two states away.
Constitutional Conventions movements are raging in their dangerous deception and passage all across America (there are several types of convention movements: Article V, COS, BBA, USTL, SCOTUS 9, etc). One of those Convention applications, COS, passed last Tuesday in WI by only ONE vote and will be sent to Congress. Friday it passed in Nebraska as well (on the bright side, these particular states already have other convention applications into Congress, so they aren’t a new win. Rescind them all together).

The convention movement takes advantage of good people who are rightly frustrated with federal overreach to make them feel they are doing something to save our Country. As for the legislators, there are some who just vote along party lines and don’t read the Constitution (for shame), but there are others who are really drunk with promised power/positions/control at Convention, compliments of the lobbyists. The snake oil salesman (aka lobbyists) use flagrant flattery and outright lies to do that, and they also hoodwink the voters (because they have to have a “grassroots” constituent base to convince some legislators to vote in favor of convention). Here are only 3 of the many lies (COS is one of the Convention movements to use as an example) you may have heard presented as truth:
Lobbyist Lie #1
“When we get to a Convention of States, Congress will be forced to obey our amendments and we will limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.”
I find this one SHOULD be a hard sell. If we think about it for 2 seconds we say “Yeah, right. They aren’t obeying the Constitution that ALREADY limits the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.
Our 11 yr old child once asked the legislature in a public hearing if the convention was going to sprinkle magic dust to make Congress obey their new amendments? They didn’t answer.
Seriously, there should be no convention movement on that point alone, because even if it wasn’t dangerous, it won’t work.
Lobbyist Lie #2
“Convention of States”
Terminology is very important, it deceptively implies the States have power in Convention. How far would the COS movement have gotten if they called it what it really is, “Convention of Congress”? (keep reading and all will be explained)
Lobbyist Lie #3
“The Founders placed STATE POWER in Article 5 to use the Constitution to save the Constitution”.
The Founders placed state power in Article 6 and the 10th Amendment (nullification, where states ignore or resist unconstitutional federal dictates, which automatically and quickly reins in the power and jurisdiction of the federal government). We’ve recently seen some great states nullifying against unconstitutional federal mandates.
The Founders most certainly DID NOT place state power in Article 5 with a Convention of Congress. That’s where states will lose their power — and our Constitution. 
Why would the convention lobbyists intentionally LIE to their followers about where the Founders placed state power?
Why did Hitler lie that the Jews were a health hazard to the rest of the country? Why does Fauci lie?
Because they have something sinister to gain by deception.
Let’s keep reading…
The lobbyists shysters also use something called “The Power of First Impressions”.
In general, people will be either wary or susceptible to a false leader’s sales pitch. Depending on a person’s prior knowledge of the source document — whether it is the Bible for a religious group, or the Constitution for a political group (both of which are rarely – if ever – taught in government schools and this is one of the consequences) — that person will either recognize the lie as a lie – or accept it as their truth. If a follower embraces the lie as truth, it is difficult, even when showing him the truth in black and white (like Article V in the Constitution) – for him to accept the truth and reject the lie that he already believes, because of the power of first impression (and spiritual warfare).
New research reveals that first impressions are hard to dislodge. And wow, would we agree. From our experience, even when we read the Constitution to the legislature, some still walk away droning the lobbyist’s narrative. Proof that adults can believe the fairytales spun by the Big Bad Wolf will end in “happily ever after.”
I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I’ve seen these committees vote in favor of 3 separate convention resolutions; so, they are legislating on Article 5 and some of them don’t even know what Article 5 says! But they sure CAN QUOTE the fraudulent, empty promises of the out-of-state paid lobbyists. And THAT is what they risk our Constitution for.

PART 1: WATCH THE VIDEO “Defending our Constitution” public hearing on AJR 77 (SCOTUS 9 Convention)
 I’ve posted the whole video this time,
  1. Because it’s only an hour and 17 min long (instead of hours and hours, thankfully the snake oil salesmen were not there to flatter & bolster the legislature). Also missing were the lobbyist’s followers. I can only go from what I have personally seen at these many public hearings. Lobbyist followers often fill their speeches with their life histories, what they had for breakfast, or the problems in our country (which we already know) and then at the end of their speech, add “the solution is a convention”. The really dedicated followers repeat the talking points of the lobbyists, some verbatim. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t heard one convention supporter’s speech have substance on the Constitution, and I feel they are truly deceived. Sincere, but deceived. And it furthermore makes me wonder, how many followers would the convention movement have if it was an honest movement?
  2. Unlike the lobbyists, those testifying in this video are not out-of-state, nor paid – and are actual individual Americans who live in WI and have investigated the situation, read the Constitution, and are concerned that their elected employees will not protect our Constitution. Thus this hearing took less time and it is quite powerful.
  3. It’s so very eye opening. Most intriguing of all, for the first time, we got some questions that seemed to indicate some of our points were penetrating. Perhaps it is because of the faith of a child expressed in prayer…
TIPS to consider as you watch:
  • Although it is stated that they adjourn part way through, stay with us and it will continue immediately after only a few seconds, and it’s worth watching, believe me.
  • Let’s remember representatives are not royalty, they are actually our elected employees.
  • Months ago, both the Assembly & Senate committees emphatically assured members of our family in the public hearings that there was NO WAY they would be in favor of a Constitutional Convention, but that an Article V convention was completely different from a con-con (because the lobbyists told them that). For all of you who saw our 15 yr old grilled for 10 min by the senate committee months ago on this topic, to which our child held her ground and read the Constitution to the committee (Sen Bradley included), proving that there is only one type of convention, we DO seem to be making progress. Because now in this hearing, several Reps, including this Senator Bradley (the author of this SCOTUS 9 bill), and legis counsel refer to this convention bill AJR 77 as calling for a “Constitutional Convention”. Unfortunately, these same Reps (apparently) have no more aversions to a con-con and are supporting it openly. At least they are calling it what it really is in this bill.
  • Thank the Lord for Rep Dave Murphy (R) who consistently defends the Constitution and votes each time against convention bills in committee and on the floor.
  • For clarity as you watch, the unmasked people are Republicans, the masked people are Democrats, but we must remember this is not about party, it’s really about who is a Constitutionalist that will defend and preserve the Constitution (and thus our individual freedoms) from all enemies, both foreigh and domestic – and who is not. I think the answer may surprise you as you watch the legislative dialogue that occurs before your very eyes.
  • I did disagree with anyone who said that the state legislatures were for sure going to ratify it. Even if the delegates do NOT rewrite the ratification rules as they with the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution gives 2 methods of ratification. One is state legislatures, but the other is conventions in states, and the choice is up to CONGRESS. The ratifying delegates may be the same delegates that Congress selected from each state when they called the Convention in the first place. The state legislatures may be completely shut out of the ratification process. He who chooses the delegates, chooses the outcome of the convention.
  • Of course, you can cherry pick if you like and only watch certain sections of the video, but I highly HIGHLY recommend watching this in its entirety, not only because each live testimony from a homegrown WI constituent contributed to the whole, but because of the very constitutional message they portrayed. And in the different facets of that knowledge expressed in each of their speeches, it is especially intriguing to see the questions that this legislative committee started to ask about Article V (and mind you, this is after their voting in favor of numerous other Article V Convention resolutions). It is also dumbfounding and mind blowing some of the conclusions the Chair came to.
As my husband says, some of them are willingly ignorant of Article V, VI, and the 10th amendment and choose to remain so. You have to see it to believe it:
“Defending our Constitution” 1 hr 17 min video (AJR 77 SCOTUS 9 Convention)

This is a continuation of what happened in the room that day, captured in the video, so PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST before reading the rest of the answer:
Dear Representative,
Representative Theisfeldt asked me at the public hearing on AJR 77,
“How is it a violation of our Oath of Office to use a legitimate provision within the Constitution?”
Here is the rest of my answer:
While technically, your application to Congress is a Constitutional procedure, you are misinterpreting – and misusing it. You believe that YOU, the State Legislature, will rein in the federal government through the Convention process and YOU will be in charge of every aspect of Convention AND the ratification process.
That. Is. Not. Article V.
You’ve constructed something in your mind that is not true, doubtless placed there by the lies and flattery of the lobbyists. It seems you have erected, so to speak, an Article V in your own image, your own likeness, to suit your own ideas of the states being in charge, under the pretense of invoking the Founding Fathers’ Constitutional provision.
Let me tell you what the REAL Article V state application says it is – the trigger to put Congress. In. Charge.
Again, an Article V state application is the trigger to put Congress in charge of calling a Convention, who will doubtless form a new Constitution and a new government. That IS what it’s there for, the Founders recognized it is our right to alter or abolish and establish new government. None of us want THIS Congress or their handlers doing that.
If you go ahead and STILL vote in favor of AJR 77 or other Convention applications, which is the trigger to put Congress in charge, I’m not sure what your motives could possibly be, but by process of elimination, it can’t be to protect the Constitution, can it? Also interesting to note, every Wisconsinite from across our state registered AGAINST and spoke AGAINST AJR 77, you had not one in favor of AJR 77.
So yes, you are putting our Constitution in great peril. That is NOT protecting our Constitution, and I firmly believe that IS violating your oath of office, and that is why I CANNOT withdraw my statement.
My brother put it well when he talked about those of you voting in favor of convention resolutions,
“They are directly ignoring the indirect destruction of the Constitution.”
– Brian Bakash, WI
I continue,
Chair Wichgers brought up another point that I think needs to be addressed. Establishing “Intent”.
The State legislature is forever assuring us the Convention will be safe, limited, controlled, accountable because they are establishing INTENT with attorneys.
So what?
What good is establishing INTENT for the states to be in charge, when the rock of the Constitution clearly states Congress IS in charge?
At the Assembly hearing, legislative counsel admitted:
“There is legal uncertainty about whether those expressions
of the legislature’s intent from the state
would carry the day over, you know,
competing with a call by Congress stating something else.”
There’s nothing uncertain about it. Congress will carry the day.
Article 1, Section 1
All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.
Article 1, Section 8
The Congress shall have power…
To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the forgoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.
Article 5,
“The CONGRESS… shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which…shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by…legislatures of three-fourths of the several states OR by conventions in three-fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the CONGRESS”
And Congress has been writing & holding hearings about how they would run a Constitutional Convention for 60 years  in the Congressional Research Report.  1378 pages.
They know they will be in charge. Make no mistake.
Please work to rescind the Convention applications Congress already has from WI and kill any future convention applications in committee.”
My name and address

 GREAT results on the 1 hr 17 min hearing “Defending our Constitution” video on AJR 77, SCOTUS 9 Convention:
  • Rep. Scott Allen (the one who asked if the instructions for how conventions for ratification are called was in Article V or a different Article), who has always voted in favor of Art V Convention bills, wrote back to me that he will not vote in favor of this one.
  • Rep. Timothy Ramthun (the one who asked for a copy of my speech, and who may be familiar to you because of his leadership on Election integrity in WI to the point that Robin Vos pulled Ramthun’s aid) also has always voted in favor of Convention bills. Thank you to all of you who prayed, as a miracle happened. The Lord moved through various people, and as was reported to me, on Jan 5th, 2022, the very morning of the executive session to vote on AJR 77, Rep Ramthun miraculously pulled his sponsorship of this bill in both the Assembly and Senate, as well as pulled his sponsorship of Convention of States in both the Assembly and Senate!!
  • Which led to them not having enough support to pass AJR 77 out of committee, and apparently, they do NOT want a convention bill to be voted down. Chair Wichgers declared during the executive voting session on Jan 5th that they would not vote on AJR 77. And if it doesn’t get out of committee, it doesn’t get on the floor.
  • This is the first time the tide changed, thank the Lord for the encouragement!!!  Thank you everyone who prayed, fasted, testified, wrote, called, educated others, etc!

We CAN still save our Constitution!!!
As an encouragement, through Constitutional education of the Representatives, New Hampshire recently voted 19-1 AGAINST Convention of States!! And New Jersey rescinded ALL their convention applications to Congress and so did Colorado!!! Woo-hoo!!

We MUST rescind ALL applications to Congress.

I know that this wholesale departure from logic and clear reading of the Constitution – to instead follow the piper of the lobbyist’s flattery and lies – is occurring in state after state after state. In fact, according to convention strategists who are asking Congress to count all these various conventions together, including 5 from long ago – ones to get us a Bill of Rights [1789], to avert the Civil War [1861], etc they claim 33 STATES have a Convention application sent to Congress!!!(Since NJ just rescinded at Christmas, they technically have32, not 33 by their count. See this excellent link by Judi Caler for more info, “Not the Limited Convention You Were Promised!”.)
2/3rds, or 34 state applications are required for Congress to call the convention, right? They possibly just need two more states. Then Congress can combine the convention requests at any time and can call the Convention. (remember “limited to one topic” is a lie the lobbyists tell the state legislatures in their “convention-can’t-runaway-spiel”)
Not one bill in the works, not one application to Congress, whether it was from last year or 200 years ago. We need to rescind ALL applications in our individual states. Why a minimum of 18 and not 17 states? Then even if Washington DC becomes a state (51 states – 18 rescissions = 33 states left), and even if 33 states submit thousands of various Convention applications and Congress combines them together, they will not have 34 states to meet the 2/3 requirement to call a Convention!! Do not assume someone else will take the initiative in your state, please check with your state and see if you have convention applications in the works, or continuing applications on the books from hundreds of years ago, we are in a crucially DANGEROUS time.
Honestly, even though we’re trying, we may not be able to rescind them in WI in time, but maybe you can rescind in YOUR state and save our Constitution for all of us!!
This is also one of the MOST important issues to ascertain where you will place your vote this year. Find out where a would-be candidate or your current rep stands concerning protecting our Constitution from an Art 5 Conv. We need to primary out the traitors who voted yes to convention bills, selling our beloved Birthright for a pot of lentils that the lobbyists offer. We need Constitutionalists to run incognito as Republicans and get the RINO’s OUT.
We need Constitutionalists who not only protect the whole of the Constitution (like Democrats who vote against con-con), but in part as well (like Republicans who vote to nullify mandates that violate our Bill of Rights, and vote to restore election integrity, etc).
I think it’s downright creepy how these Covid vaccines are being shoved down our throats – but it is also downright creepy how ANY and EVERY angle is being tried to get this Convention called.” Theresa Henderson, WI
PLEASE call your reps in your state and educate them on defending the Constitution from the dangers of Convention (see video in Part 1). Then tell them if they support any convention bills, and don’t work to rescind them they should consider a new line of work. Freedom is on the line, and if they don’t get that, they have failed in their most basic job description.
They cannot be molly-coddled, they need to be fired.
We need Founding Fathers, not Benedict Arnolds.
As one of my fellow defenders of the Constitution says,
“Storm the gates of Heaven with your prayers that the out-of-state bad actors don’t recruit all 34 States!”
We don’t just need states rescinding their applications to Congress, we need individual citizens to rescind their support and remove their names from the lists of the con artist convention lobbyists. For example in one of the convention groups, there are COS supporters listed who’ve actually been dead for years, there are duplicate people on the list, gracious, WE are even in one of their COS support videos and we’ve never supported them – in the picture, there were 8 of us AGAINST COS and 6 of them FOR COS, but they used the picture of all 14 in their video to make it look as though everyone in the room was a supporter. 14 surely looked better than 6 for their purposes.
Although we don’t have time to get into this, please be aware the convention strategists/lobbyists are not who they present themselves to be. Nor does their REAL funding come from the $25 donations of their followers.
If the convention followers only knew the truth, that this is primarily funded with dark money, darker connections, and the darkest agenda to destroy the Constitution, most of them would recoil in horror and do an about-face and work AGAINST the convention movement.  Like Holly in her passionate speech below. Holly was the final testimony at the Senate public hearing SJR 58 (companion bill to AJR 77) where some of us testified again only 5 days after AJR 77. Her testimony is too powerful not to include in this email for several reasons, PLEASE watch:
“I want to retract my support right here.” 4 min video
Listeners of Worldview Radio & Crosstalk may recognize her voice as one of our favorite callers.


I can tell you from personal experience of all that I have seen, all that we have experienced in testifying with new speeches in public hearings for 6 con-con bills in only 7 months, communicating personally with these legislators, writing these Convention updates/sending out the videos, that the oppression and variety of trials we and others have undergone is spiritual warfare.
There is no doubt in my mind that the powers of darkness
are tenaciously raging to get access to our Constitution. 
Historian James MacGregor Burns said of the Framers of our Constitution:
Let us face reality.
The Framers have simply been too shrewd for us.
They have outwitted us.
They designed separate institutions that
cannot be unified by mechanical linkages and frail bridge tinkering.
If we are to turn the Founders upside down
we must directly confront
the Constitutional structure they erected.
Some of the Founders warned that those who would want to replace our Constitution in the future would do it under the guise of “amendments”. And sure enough…
[Council on Foreign Relations] Robert P. George, a Member of [Mark Meckler’s] Convention of States Legal Advisory Board, has co-authored a new “conservative” Constitutionwhich grants massive powers to a new federal government and imposes gun control!” – Publius Huldah
 Not to mention all the other drafted constitutions that all sides are writing, 3 of them:
  • Constitution for the Newstates of America,
  • Constitution for The New Socialist Republic in North America,
  • George Soros’s Progressive Constitution, etc.
“And since any new Constitution will have its own new mode of ratification (such as a national referendum)it’s sure to be approved.” – Publius Huldah
Article V convention (which has NEVER been activated, because it’s the nuclear option) is the opportunity of a lifetime for the Elite Globalists (and some have waited that long). A5C, or con-con, is the access door to replace our Constitution. The time is ripe: the people are worked into a panic, and the globalists are deceptively funneling them down into their planned “solution”: convention. Masquerading as a “conservative” movement (2 Cor 11:14) serves the globalist’s purposes — for now. You watch how quickly this becomes a liberal movement once the conservatives wake up. The globalists don’t care HOW they get access to our Constitution, so long as they get access. The ONLY thing the Globalist Elite need the states to do – Republican or Democrat, makes no difference – is to be one of a number that reaches 34. That’s it. Just a number. And freedom dies.
 Prov 22:28  Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
Defend our Constitution in your state “from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, so help me God.”
Join us.