“Crimes of the Educators” by Alex Newman and Sam Blumenfeld Not Wanted at the Thomas Crane Library

A few weeks ago, I stopped by the Thomas Crane Library in the historic Quincy, MA, and donated a copy of “Crimes of the Educators by Alex Newman and Sam Blumenfeld.  Yesterday, I found this E-mail in my inbox:

Hello Mr. Shurtleff,

Thank you for thinking of the library for your book donation. I am sorry to say that it does not meet our selection criteria. It will be at the circulation desk for you to pick up at your convenience. Thank you.
Deirdre Sullivan
Acquisitions Librarian
Thomas Crane Public Library
40 Washington Street
Quincy, MA 02169

Selection criteria?  It sound like one of those vague terms that means “We don’t want your book because it exposes something the masses don’t need to know.”  Well, I did a search of the libraries “selection criteria, and found such gems as “Heather Has Two Mommies,” a book promoting the Lesbian lifestyle, and “At Swim Two Boys,” a novel that can be defined as “homoerotic.”  So, it looks like the library’s gate keepers have told us just what they mean by “selection criteria.”


A friend of mine who happens to be a retired school teacher was a bit outraged and contacted the library. This was the response she received:

Thank you for email regarding the recent donation of the book “Crimes of the Educators” by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman.

All gifts of books and other materials for the library’s collection are subject to the same criteria used for purchased materials. For non-fiction works, some of the relevant criteria are accuracy, authoritativeness, literary quality and readability, relative importance in comparison to other works on the subject, and availability of the material at nearby libraries.

Based on an examination of the book and the lack of any authoritative critical reviews, our collection development librarian has determined that “Crimes of the Educators” doesn’t meet our selection criteria and will not be added to the collection.

We do strive to develop a balanced and objective collection of materials that provides a diversity of perspectives. On the topic of public education, the following recently published titles are available at the Crane library:

· The Teacher Wars by Dana Goldstein
· One Nation Under Taught: Solving America’s Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Crisis by Dr. Vince M. Bertram
· The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education by Diane Ravitch

Although “Crimes of the Educators” will not be added to our collection, it is available from at least two other Old Colony Library Network libraries, including the Thayer Library in Braintree. Whenever we do not select an item for our local collection, we are always happy to help patrons get what they want either at a nearby library or via interlibrary loan borrowing.

Megan Allen

The book met the criteria for the neighboring library but not Quincy’s. The book “Crimes of the Educators” is a hard back book published by World Net Daily. Co-author, Alex Newman is an international journalist, educator and consultant who has lived in different parts of the world, and speaks four languages. The late Sam Blumenfeld, was a former editor for Grosset and Dunlop, had his own book publishing business, has authored over 10 books, had his articles appear in dozens of publications including “Boston Magazine, and “Reason,” has lectured in all 50 states, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. He even did a stint as a substitute teacher in the Quincy public schools. Now let’s examine the real reason why the gatekeepers at the library don’t want folks to read it. Here is a portion of books’ introduction:

“In the United States, the socialist utopians a new and unique method of conquering a nation: by dumbing down its people, by destroying the brainpower of millions of its citizens. The plan to dumb down America was launched in 1898 by socialist John Dewey, outlined in an essay titled “The Primarcy education Fetich.” In it he showed his fellow progressives how to transform America into a collectivist topiary taking over the public schools….”

The book has chapters exposing death education that leads to suicides, the drugging of children for the purpose of treating ailments caused by educators themselves, the moral dumbing down of our children, the making of a Black underclass, and the latest scheme of the “progressives” bankrolled by Bill Gates,  Common Core.


Ms. Sullivan asked me to come by and pick up the book. I suggested she keep it and put it on display in September when the hypocrites at the Thomas Crane Library have their banned book week


Readers are encouraged to buy a copy of the book, and donate it to their local libraries. it is available on Amazon:

I was a close friend of Sam Blumenfeld and had the opportunity to interview him about his book on Camp Constitution Radio a few months before he passed: