Countering the Cultural Marxists with Camp Constitution Reading Hours at Public Libraries

In the wake of the Drag Queen Reading Hours at libraries all over the United States, Camp Constitution is offering its Camp Constitution Reading Hour to local libraries. The reading would focus on historical events and highlight great Americans. It would  promote patriotism, love of liberty, sacrifice, and heroism.  “We would have a different theme for each month,” explained Hal Shurtleff, Camp Constitution’s co-founder and director.   “During the month of July, the readings would focus on the Declaration of Independence, and the sacrifices made by its signers.  The month of September our readings would focus on the U.S. Constitution.  October, the Battle of Saratoga, and  surrender at Yorktown .  November, Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims,    The month of February would focus on Black Patriots of the Revolutionary War, and the month of April, the focus would be the Battle of Concord and Lexington,” Shurtleff explained

Shurtleff has contacted several libraries that hosted drag queen story hours and already booked several engagements.  “I E-mailed the director of the Conway, NH library, and within a few minutes of receiving the E-mail, he called and said he would welcome our reading hour,” said Mr. Shurtleff.  He also was successful in booking a reading at the Fall River, MA Library which recently hosted a drag queen reading hour.  “We posted this campaign on Facebook, and within a few hours, we got a number of people volunteering their services” Shurtleff explained.

For more information on the Camp Constitution Reading Hour, please call (857) 498-1309 or E-mail   Website   A page for the reading hour is under development.