Constitutional Minute #5 The U.S. Census: Rule of Law  or Rule of Man?

We Americans have forgotten the most important Principle of our Founding: The distinction between the “Rule of Law” and the “Rule of Men”.

What is the “Rule of Law”?  The Rule of Law prevails when the civil authorities act in accordance with a body of Law which is established by a higher authority.

Now let us see what the Constitution says about the census.

 Article I, Sec. 2, clause 3, provides that an enumeration of the people shall be taken every 10 years for the purposes of apportionment of (1) direct Taxes and (2) Representatives to the House.

To these ends, we gave the federal government authority to ask us only the number of persons living in our homes (and whether any of us are Indians). Read Article 1, Sec. 2, clause 3 and see.

Instead, they ask us our full name, telephone number, our sex, whether you own your home subject to a mortgage, whether you own it free and clear, whether you pay rent, or whether you live rent free, our age, date of birth, whether anyone in our home is of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin, etc., etc.

Housing programs? Planning decisions? Federal programs which differentiate between males & females? Social Security?  Medicare?  Other government programs for children, adults, childbearing women, or old people?  What’s this? Can anybody point to where these are among the enumerated powers of Congress?  No! These are powers which Congress has assumed…unlawfully.

So! Do you see? The federal government demands answers to questions which the Constitution does not permit them to ask, in order to administer programs which, the Constitution does not authorize them to administer; and then they threaten you with a  fine if you don’t submit to their unconstitutional acts!  That is the Rule of Men.

Under the Rule of Law – The Constitution – they may ask no more than the number of persons who reside in your home.  That is all WE THE PEOPLE authorized them to ask.

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