Classification of Summer Camps

Summer camps are one of the best experiences which we enjoy, they are one of the most sought after events and people love the fact that they are going to summer camps. Basically there are two main designations for summer camps but there are many different types of summer camps. The classification of the two designations of the summer camps is as follows: day camps and the sleep away camps. In the day camps people visit the camps during the day and they return back to their place in the evening, thus the day camps more specific for the kids and the people who are committed. The second kind of designation is the sleep away camps or the overnight camps wherein the attendees of the camp attend the camp through out the day, the summer camps both day and the sleep over camps can last for few days either a week or more than a week based on the different kinds of activities which they have in line.

There are different institutions which offer summer camps ranging right from schools, churches, sports programs. Further there are different kinds of summer camps like the cheer leading camps, dance camps, summer camps for boy’s scouts and even girl’s scouts. There are even specialized camps existing for the people who are physically challenged or people with special needs. You can even find the summer camps that are strictly catered for boys and even girls, further you can also find camps that are meant for both boys and girls. In the market you can even find the summer camps that cater to the needs of specific class of people like summer camps catering to the needs of people like the summer camps that are intended to cater to the arts and crafts. There are even summer camps that cater only for adults and separately for children. However it is important to note that the summer camps usually have the attendees belonging to a particular age group.

Other than the above mentioned summer camps summer camps are also present to meet the specific and relaxing needs like the spa camps, exercise camps, weight loss retreat camps, even boot camps and even the summer camps that cater to the hobbies. The camps that are catered to meet the hobbies of the people include camps of the arts and crafts, music and science. There would not be any problems arising to you incase you are selecting a summer camp based on the hobby of your kid as there are different kinds of summer camps undertaken based on the innumerable hobbies.

Selecting the summer camps depends on the kind of the child who is intending to attend a summer camp, for example if a kid who has never attended a summer camp may be reluctant to go for a summer camp that longs for more than a week, in such a case it is better that you select a camp that longs for a day and is not a sleep away camp.

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