Camp Constitutuion’s Annual Family Camp’s Schedule

Our 10th Annual Family Camp is two months away.  We have what we thing is the best lineup of instructors in our camp’s history.  Here is the schedule:

Camp Constitution – 2018 – Daily General Schedule

Lakeside Christian Camp & Conference Center – Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Every Morning: (Monday – Saturday)
6:30 AM Run and/or Polar Bear Swim Optional
7:00 AM WAKE-UP!

7:50 AM Flagpole, Devotions, and Announcements +

8:00 AM Breakfast in Cafeteria
8:30 AM Staff Meeting // Students in Cabins (cleaning & decorating)

Classes (Mon.-Fri.) 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 AM in Old Chapel near lake
(with mini-breaks in between)
Detailed Class List on other side of this page
Junior Patriot Classes as directed by Mrs Craft ________________________________________

Placement Quiz, and Exit Exam at Cafeteria or Location(s) to be Announced.

12:00 Noon Lunch — Cafeteria: Each camper to take care of own dishes as instructed + Two people from each table to return water pitchers, wipe down
tables, etc., before Recreation! (Unless otherwise instructed!)

1:00 – 5:00 PM: Special Activities: Photos, Hike, Field Trip; Optional Sessions.
Otherwise Recreation includes Swim & Boat activities (when Lifeguard is on duty), and organized competitions and games set up by Mr Kalis. Tournaments may also be organized, but participants have a duty to locate each other, follow charts and arrange times to play!

Evenings: (Sunday – Friday)
5:30 Dinner and Clean-up!
6:30 Class, 7:20 Flagpole
7:45 Class
8:35 Break*
9:00 Campfire – *Bring Flashlight & Song Book; Beware Mosquitoes!
10:00 Break: Snacks** and Camp Newspapers usually available
10:30 in Cabins; 11:00 Lights OUT!
** Pizza Party Friday evening after Campfire!

Saturday – After Breakfast, Cabin & Public Area Cleanup, Pack up your stuff, exchange info, & leave!
Safe Travels to All! Hope to See You Again Next Year!
Camp Constitution – 2018 Class & Event Schedule
4:00—Staff Orientation — Cafeteria — Mr Hal Shurtleff
6:30—Campers (11 years or older) Placement Quiz — Mrs Ruth Harper, Mr Norman Tregenza
7:45—Camper Orientation — Mr Shurtleff, Mr John Hoderny, Mr Chris Kalis, et al.

9:00 AM—Introduction to the United States Constitution —Mrs KrisAnne Hall
10:00 AM—A Reverent Look at the United States Constitution —Lord Monckton
11:00 AM—Defending Your Worldview —Dr Duke Pesta

1:00— Camp Photo (All !) Using Risers at Campfire Pit w/ Richmond Pond (the lake) in Background
2:00— Optional Workshop: C.S. Lewis: Atheism to Apologetics —Dr Pesta

6:30 Get Us Out of the United Nations Mr. John McManus
7:45 The Moral American, B-1! —Mr John Hoderny (boys); Mrs King (girls)

9:00 AM—The Bill of Rights —Mrs Catherine White
10:00 AM—The Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax —Professor Willie Soon
11:00 AM—Liberty Over Security —KrisAnne Hall
After lunch? Optional Recreation: HIKE up MOUNT GREYLOCK

6:30—Articles I – (Legislative), and II – (Executive) of U.S. Constitution —Catherine White
7:45—Attacks on the Union —Mr. Tom Moor
9:00 AM—Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030 —Ms Debbie Baciigalupi
10:00 AM—America’s Godly Heritage Pastor Earl Wallace
11:00 AM—Climate Summit and the United Nations —Lord Monckton

6:30—Red Pill Politics —Mr Dave Kopacz Interviews Lord Monckton and KrisAnne Hall
7:45—Articles III Judicial, IV State Duties, V To Amend, VI Supremacy,Treaties, Treason & VII—Mr Tregenza
9:00 AM—Truth Over Personality —KrisAnne Hall
10:00 AM—Life Under Sharia Law —Pastor William Levi
11:00 AM—Are the Sea Levels Rising? —Professor Willie Soon

3:00 Optional Workshop: Vaccines – Good or Bad? Or Both? —Punyamurtula Kishore
6:30—FINAL EXAM! —Mrs Harper and Mr Tregenza
7:45—Defending Your Worldview —Mr Michael King

9:00 AM—Flags of Our Fathers (And Mothers) Mr. Richard Howell
10:00 AM—Taking Action —Mr King // Off-campus: Community Outreach —Mr Shurtleff
11:00 AM—What Is Money —Mr McManus

3:00 PM Optional Initiative Petitions Mr. Keith Davis

6:30—Exam Review/Graduation
7:45—Closing Ceremonies Hal Shurtleff, Lord Monckton

SATURDAY – After Breakfast, Cabin & Public Area Cleanup, Pack up your stuff, exchange info, leave!
Safe Travels to All! Hope to See You Again Next Year!

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