Camp Constitution’s Videos Demonetized By YouTube


Yesterday, Camp Constitution received the following message from YouTube:

“Hi Camp Constitution,
During a recent review, our team of policy specialists carefully looked over the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel Camp Constitution and found that they are not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies. As of today, your channel is not eligible to monetize and you will not have access to monetization tools and features. Please go to your monetization page to read more about the specific policy our specialists flagged.
We have a responsibility to ensure our community is safe for creators, viewers and advertisers, which means sometimes making difficult decisions like this one. At the same time, we understand that everyone makes mistakes. That’s why you’ll be able to reapply for the YouTube Partner Program in 30 days. If you make changes to your channel you may be able to get your monetization features back.

What this means for your channel
You still have access to most other creator features, and can:
Upload videos
Edit or delete your videos
Communicate with your audience
You cannot:
Monetize new or existing videos
Receive AdSense payments for past YouTube revenue
Earn revenue from YouTube Premium, channel memberships, or Super Chat
Contact the YouTube Creator Support team
There is no change to how your videos are promoted in our search and recommendation systems.”

We have joined a growing number of conservative, and patriotic individuals and organizations who have been victims of the social justice warriors  at YouTube.   Our channel is closing in on one million views, and over 3,300 subscribers.  While it may be modest compared to the thousands of other channels, we have enjoyed an increase in views and subscribers.  A few of our videos have enjoyed over 100,000 views. We will be uploading our videos on a YouTube alternative that isn’t run by social justice warriors.  Thankfully, this action will not harm us significantly.  Just what YouTube finds so offensive?  Take a look at our Channel and see what subversive things we promote:

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Thank you for your support and making our program possible.

Hal Shurtleff, Director

Camp Constitution