Camp Constitution’s Six-Month Report for 2023


 Camp Constitution in the News:

Our “Shurtleff v Boston” decision continues to be mentioned by the media around the United States especially in the wake of two U.S. Supreme Court ruling concerning a Christian mailman who won a 9-0 U.S. Supreme Court case, and a Christian website creator.  Our news release announcing a Constitution Study Course in Alton, NH got front page coverage and generated plenty of interest in our course. In February, Senator Josh Hawley referred to our case during a confirmation hearing.

Special Projects:

In April, Camp Constitution donated 1,500 pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution to the Alton-Barnstead, NH School District, and in January, we donated 1,100 copies to the Laconia Junior and High School.  Laconia, NH Junior High, and High Schools. This has opened up the doors to other donations to schools in the region.

We hosted a group of homeschoolers at the Lane House for a field trip overnight to take in the Midnight Night Ride and Battle of Lexington Reenactments.

We hosted the Hillside College’s Constitutional Study Course in Alton, NH and Lebanon, ME.

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center who created the media platform Catching Fire News, offered us to own Catching Fire News.  We hope to manage it but need a volunteer to produce the videos.  If interested, let us know.

A group in the Lexington, MA area is planning to use the Lane House and Learning Center for a satellite Christian school.

Rev. Steve Craft addressed the Ludlow, MA School Committee and they were not particularly happy about his comments:

We received a call from a high school student from Topeka, Kansas explaining that his class is doing a project about “Shurtleff v Boston.”  He asked us a number of questions about the case and its aftermath.  He said that he took the side of the City of Boston although supported the decision.

Camp Constitution Media:

We videotaped the Lexington Reenactment, Alton, NH’s Memorial Day Parade, speeches as our 3rd Annual Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue in Lexington, and speeches of our speakers Julie Wilkinson, and Pastor William Levi.


YouTube, Rumble Channels and Bitchute Channels

We received 50 thousand views on our YouTube Channel this year with 561 new subscribers giving us 7,700 subscribers overall. Since our channels’ creation in July of 2010, we have received 1.5 million views. Our Rumble channel had 2056 views this year with 702 likes, and our Bitchute channel has 2,3126 views this year.

The Sam Blumenfeld Archive:

380,175 hits

3,188 Marlow-Shakespeare Book

2,841 Alpha Phonics Workbooks

2,021 Alpha Phonics Manuals

Our friend Godknows Matizirofa principal of Nottingham School in Harare, Zimbabwe, is building a new school and will name it in honor of Sam Blumenfeld.  We have been donating copies of Sam’s Alpha Phonics to the school.

If you haven’t already, please visit and subscribe to the archives:

Camp Constitution Radio on Podomatic:

We remain in the top five for the conservative category with 7046 downloads, and 559 plays 

 Facebook Page:

We continue to average fifty likes per month. We also admin about eight groups including Friend of the Constitution in ME, NH, MA, CT, RI. PA, VT, and Stop the Constitutional Convention.

Speaker’s Bureau:

For the first six months, we had over 21 speaking engagements.  We had a very busy Spring with speaking engagements in Maine including being the featured speaker at the Homeschoolers of Maine Annual State House Day, and presentations in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Loudon, NH.  We hosted four engagements for Juli Wilkinson who played the abortion nurse in the movie Unplanned.  And we hosted Mrs. Bau Chau Kelly at the Lane House.  Mrs. Kelly described life in Communist Vietnam:

Camp Constitution’s Website:

We had 10,000 views for this period, and posted 108 blogs:

Camp Constitution Book Sales:                           

We have raised close to $2.500 from donated books from our Amazon, Facebook page, and on-line bookstore.

Camp Constitution Press

We published Being Revolutionary Women:  A Message from the Women of the “Ladies Gallery by Maria Perez.  Copies may be ordered here:


  Article V Convention: 

Despite the onslaught of Article V resolutions all over the U.S. not a single one passed. We helped defeat two Article V resolutions in New Hampshire, several in Maine, and wrote articles on the subject in on-line and print media, and participated in a national conference call hosted by Tamara Scott who hosts a show on Frank Speech.  One article we published was an expose on the leadership of the Convention of States

 Radio and Cable TV: 

We recently appeared as a guest on the Duke Pesta Show: and earlier  in the year, we were guests on “Chattin with Janine: a popular Cable TV Show hosted by NH State Rep and long-tine friend Janine Notter. And  appeared as a guest on Tamara Scott’s show on Frank Speech, and an appearance on the Ed Martin Radio Show which is nationally syndicated:

      Camp Constitution Ladies Group:

The Third Annual Spring Fling took place May 5-7 at the Singing Hills Christian Camp. Speakers include Valerie McDonnell, the youngest elected official in the United States and former abortion nurse turned Pro-Life activist Julie Wilkinson.  Julie played a role in the movie “Unplanned.”  


Julie Wilkinson                                                       Valerie McDonnell


Our friend and Camp Constitution camp parent Steve Wanager has relocated to Maine and donated one of his replica cannons to Camp Constitution. We are now the proud owners of a replica Revolutionary War howitzer.  Contrary to the view of  Mr. Biden, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t prevent us from owning a cannon.

Camp Constitution’s 15th Annual Family Camp

We are looking forward to another full house at our annual family camp with new guest speakers’ author and documentary producer Vince Ellison, and Valery McDonnell mentioned above. As of this writing, we still have room for unaccompanied campers and adults.


Second Annual Family Retreat:

We return to Camp Sentinel in Tuftonboro, NH for our 2nd Annual Weekend Family Retreat Friday September 29 to Sunday October 1.


How you can help Camp Constitution grow:

* Keep Camp Constitution and our nation in your prayers.

* Become a donor. Monthly and/or one-time donations can be made via our PayPal account accessed from our website

* Host one of our speakers

Host a Constitutional Study Course

*  Introduce Camp Constitution to family and friends.

*Author an article for our camp blog.

Thank you for all you do in the freedom movement, and for helping to make Camp Constitution possible.


Hal Shurtleff, Director
Camp Constitution