Camp Constitution’s Rev. Steve and Edith Craft Heading to Cape Town to Present the Sam Blumenfeld Archive

Camp Constitution’s chaplain, and instructor, Rev. Steve Craft, and his wife Mrs. Edith Craft, director of our Junior Camper program, are heading to  to Cape Town South Africa  to attend the Christian Worldview Conference in Cape Town, South Africa hosted by Dr.  Peter Hammmond’s Frontline Fellowship.  Rev. Steven Louis Craft will be conducting two presentations. The first is  Color, Communism, and Common Sense which is based on a book Camp Constitution put back in print, and along with Edith and Shiona van Wyk, will give a presentation on the  Samuel L Blumenfeld archives hosted by Camp Constitution.  Shiona van Wyk,  will be flying from Johannesburg to Cape Town to accompany the Crafts. Shiona will give a powerful testimony about the effectiveness of Sam Blumenfeld’s “Alpha-Phonics.” She was searching on-line and found the Blumenfeld Archives. She started using it on her class of special needs students, and within two weeks had incredible results.  Please keep them in our prayers.

Here is a recent interview I did with Rev. Craft on the trip: