Camp Constitution’s Resources to Stop an Article V Convention

Since our inception, Camp Constitution has opposed an Article V Convention.  We have held outreach events and press conferences at  state houses providing legislators important information on the subject.  We have sponsored a speaking, and media tour for Robert Brown in Maine and New Hampshire. Camp Constitution’s director Hal Shurtleff, has conducted numerous presentations on the issue throughout the region.  We have  interviewed experts on the subject on our radio show including Andy Schlafly, Robert Brown, Publius Huldah, Tom DeWeese, David Super,  Bob Marshall, Richard Fry,  Shawn Meehan, Joe Wolverton, and Peter Boyce.  We have also have video interviews of Attorney and scholar John Eidsmoe, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America,  Zach Lautenschlager of the National Association of Gun Rights, former U.S. Senator Bob Smith, and  Maine State Rep Sheldon Hannington.         Camp Constitution Media was on hand to videotape presentations by Constitutional scholar  Edwin Vieira,  Alan Keyes,  Attorney Deborah Stevenson.  We also have a video of Cenk Uygur and Larry Lessig calling for a “runaway” convention, and  a video of left-wing law professor Meg Penrose calling for an Article V Convention to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

We have created a YouTube playlist with these interviews.

We also have a collection of audio interviews available as free downloads on our Podomatic page:


Our web site has a collection of articles,  flyers , a model resolution to rescind, and the book “Formation of the Union Under the Constitution” which contains Governor John Hancock’s circular letter against an Article V Convention in PDF.  Here is the link:

Camp Constitution Downloads

As of this writing, all applications  for an Article V Convention in 2018 were defeated.   Let’s make 2019 a year where we not only stop any new resolutions but rescind existing resolutions as well-one was already filed in New Hampshire.   Readers who would like to be put in contact with activists in their states are welcome to contact Camp Constitution’s director Hal Shurtleff (857) 498-1309 or

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