Camp Constitution’s Annual Report 2021

  We continue to have success promoting Camp Constitution in the Greater Alton, NH area where we have relocated.  We had a float in Alton’s Old Home Day Parade where we distributed over 400 pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution, and in neighboring Gilford, NH, Jade Wood, a first-time Camp Constitution attendee, arranged to have our Camp Constitution Banner on a float while the children on the float were dressed in our Colonial-era outfits.  We also became sponsors of two miles of highway on Rt 28 in Alton, held two video showing at the Community Church of Alton, had information tables at three local events, and two well-attended barbecues at our home.

 YouTube and Rumble Channels: 

Thanks to Alex Newman and Professor Willie Soon, a number of Climate Realist news outlets did articles of the interview of Professor Soon by Mr. Newman.  The articles linked both the interview and one of his classes leading to over 100,000 views within a week. A link to the interview:

    We have seen a modest increase in monthly views from 5,000 to 5,400 on our YouTube channel.   Our most popular video is remains “The Battle of Lexington Reenactment.”

 The Sam Blumenfeld Archive:

990,000 views., 19,000 downloads of Alpha-Phonics, over 10,000 copies of the Alpha-Phonics instructions and over 1,000 downloads of Sam’s other books.  This testimonial is from a school principal in Harare, Zimbabwe whom we send copies of Sam’s “Alpha-Phonics”:

I have written this on behalf of Nottingham Junior School to thank you for the donation of books. The parents of our students are grateful to you. May you and every one of your organization be blessed by the Almighty God in abundance. The books arrived at a time when we direly needed them. Our learners will be a role model to other children and other communities. Thank you once again for the love of Christ you have demonstrated to us through the donation.” “I have written

Godknows Matizirofa

Camp Constitution Radio on Podomatic:

We have been in the top ten for the conservative category for most of the year  with 6,854 downloads of shows and 1,992 plays. Our radio show, which airs on WBCQ The Planet, has become available on i-Tunes, Apple and Amazon to name a few. 

 Facebook Page:

We average 50 likes per month.  We also admin about eight groups including Friend of the Constitution in ME, NH, MA, CT, RI. PA, VT, and Stop the Constitutional Convention.

Speaker’s Bureau:

We had forty engagements that we either hosted or were invited by other groups which includes events in Pittsburg, PA, Southington, CT, Berlin, NH, and Presque Isle, ME.  We debated the Article V issue at a meeting hosted by the Plymouth, NH Area Republicans, and we spoke at an assembly at Northpoint Bible College in Haverhill MA.

Camp Constitution’s Website:

We had 63,387 + views , and posted 156 blogs:

Camp Constitution Press:

In addition to reprinting Alpha-Phonics and And Not a Shot if Fired as we reported earlier, we recently reprinted the 1928 U.S. Army Training Manual,  Major General John Stark Hero of Bunker Hill and Bennington both of which we believe have been out-of-print for years, and Sam Blumeneld’s June 1987 newsletter “Eugenics in American and Making of a Black Underclass.”


Camp Constitution Book Sales:                           

We have raised close to $5,000 from donated books from our Amazon, Facebook page, and on-line bookstore.

Camp Constitution Media:

We videotaped the annual celebration of Evacuation Day at Boston’s Dorchester Heights, presentations at the annual Second Amendment/Flag Day Rally in Auburn, MA, our 1st Annual Memorial Day Barbecue, Independence Day Barbecue, the 911 Memorial Rally in Alton, NH, Freedom Works seminar in Laconia, NH, the “If My People Rally” in Plymouth, MA, and our “Camp Constitution in the County” in Houlton, Maine

Alton, NH 911 Memorial Rally                           “Camp Constitution in the County”

Article V Convention: 

  We debated a Convention of States member at the Plymouth (NH) Area Republicans, took a role in the resounding defeat of two pro-Article V resolutions in New Hampshire, and hosted a radio debate with Robert Brown (against an Article V Convention) and New Hampshire State Rep MaxAbramson: 

 Camp Constitution in the News:

On Thursday September 30, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would hear our Christian flag lawsuit which will take place on January 18, 2022.  We expect a decision by July of 2022.  The story generated and continues to generate dozens of articles in the media including NewsMax, The Boston Herald, The Boston Globe, The Epoch Times, and World Net Daily.  A number of foreign news outlets carried the story as well.   As mentioned above, dozens of ‘Climate Realists” news outlets and bloggers ran a story about Professor Will Soon’s interview with Alex Newman.   We started writing a monthly column in a Maine newspaper in January, and since, May, have a monthly column in a New Hampshire paper- “The Weirs Times” and “The Boston Broadside.”

Radio and Cable TV: 

We were guests on numerous radio shows including Good Morning New Hampshire, the Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum, and the Ed Martin Movement Show. We were interviewed on the Good Life 45 TV, and an appearance on the Inform New Hampshire Show in Manchester, NH

The Lane House and Learning Center:

 We continue to hold monthly luncheons, evening meeting, and special events.      

  Camp Constitution Ladies Group:

       The Ladies held their successful “Spring Fling” event in mid- April at Singing Hills Camp and a weekend Fall event.

 Camp Constitution’s 2021 Family Camp:

We had our largest turnout in our history with over 150 participants, and many new families. One of the new parents told me that the camp “far exceeded her expectations.”   We were honored to have two new instructors Dr. Mary Grabar, author of “Debunking Howard Zinn, and Debunking the 1619 Project, and Pastor David Whitney of the Institute on the Constitution.


Our 2022 family camp will run from July 17-22.  Our Ladies Retreat will be held in April, and we will also hold a weekend family retreat September 30-October 2.


We held a “Create a Camp Constitution Flag Contest” offering a full tuition to the winners which were David Krutov and Lielle Chu.

Our Official Flag                                                                The Official Junior Camp Flag

How you can help Camp Constitution grow:

* Keep Camp Constitution and our nation in your prayers.

* Become a donor. Monthly and/or one-time donations can be made via our PayPal account accessed from our website

* Host one of our speakers.

*  Introduce Camp Constitution to family and friends.

*Write an article for our camp blog.

Happy New Year.

Hal Shurtleff, Director
Camp Constitution