Camp Constitution’s 2013 Summer Camp

Flag Lowering at Camp

Flag Lowering at Camp

Camp Constitution’s 5th Annual family summer camp ended Saturday.  The camp  had close to 100 attendees from as far as Western Michigan and Virginia  to as close as Rindge, NH. Instructors included

Pastor Scott Lively, author of “The Pink Swastika,”  Tom Eddlem of “The New American,” Uncle Sam impersonator , Fred Polnisch,  Earl Wallace, author of the “The Three Dimensional Leader,”  Samuel  Blumenfeld, home school pioneer and author of over 15 books, Dan McGonigle, editor of the book “Execute the Laws to Restore the Republic,” The Patriot Pastor, Garrett Lear, former NH state rep,  Norman Tregenza,  Ron Peik, an environmental scientist,  Rich Howell, historian, Tom Moor, historian,  Rev. Steve Craft and his wife, Edith Craft, and camp program director and teacher, Ruth Harper and the camp’s director Hal Shurtleff

Campers  hiked up Mt. Monadnock, took a field trip to the New Hampshire State House where they were met by Dan Itse, NH state rep who took them on a tour of the building, and on the last full day, some campers and staff participated in the distribution of “Granite State Future:  The Real Facts”  Recreational opportunities included volleyball, wiffle ball, rock climbing, table tennis, chess tournaments, swimming, and canoeing. The camp publishes a daily paper containing a recap of the day’s activities and the results of the daily cabin inspection.  Camp Constitution also incorporated Patriot Camp for our junior campers.  This program was run by Mrs. Cathy Mickel and Mrs. Roberta Stewart.

Winners of this year’s Super Camper Award where Ian Smith of MA and Haley Kalis of Michigan.  Winner of the Hal Shurtleff Award went to head counselor John Hoderney.

Next year’s camp will run from Sunday July 13 to Sunday July 20.  Camp Constitution is an all volunteer association of Constitutionalists.  Its mission can be summed up in its motto:  “Honoring the Past…Teaching the Present…Preparing the Future.”  Please visit our web site  The camp will be uploading videos of this year’s camp classes and activities

PDFs of the camp’s newspapers are available on its scribd page