Camp Constitution speaks at Mechanicsville Tea Party

Tea Partry Meeting

Camp Constitution was invited to speak at the Mechanicsville Tea Party, Mechanicsville, Virginia last week.    The topic:  How to start a family camp program.  Camp director Hal Shurtleff accompanied by his son Nathaniel, and daughter, Emily (both veteran campers) were welcomed by an enthusiastic group.  Mr. Shurtleff  conducted a power point presentation (see link) discussing  Camp Constitution’s history, goals,  successful family camp program in New Hampshire, and how to start a camp.  The presentation was well received and we are optimistic  that Camp Constitution will have a sister camp program in Virginia or at the very least, a bus load of new campers at next year’s family camp in New hampshire.

Camp Constitution wants to thank the good folks with the Mechanicsville Tea Party especially its president, Mr. Gerry Baugh, and attorney Sandy Sanders who originally extended the invitation.