Camp Constitution Six Month Report for  2024

                                                                                      Camp Constitution in the News

Our lawsuit “Shurtleff v Boston” continues to be mentioned in the news around the United States.  Our case was cited in defense of the recently passed law in Louisiana that calls for the placing of the Ten Commandments in the state’s public school classrooms.   Cities and towns across the United States cited our case when passing ordinances banning all third-party flags including Lockhaven, PA, Enfield, CT and LaRue, TX.   While other towns and cities, due to our case, have allowed the flying of Christian, and Pro-Life flags including Waltham, MA, Hartford, CT and Nashua, NH.


    Camp Constitution on the Air

We had two appearances on the Duke Pesta Show. Duke plans to have us on his show on a regular basis. We had two appearances on the Tamara Scott Show which airs on Frank Speech, two appearances on the Pro-America  Report hosted by Ed Martin of  the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, an appearance on the Chris McCarthy Show on WBSM New Bedford, an appearance on Red Pill Politics which airs on Republic Radio, and for the first time, an appearance on  the George Hale–Ric Tyler Show on WVOM FM Maine.  We also appeared as a guest on Chattin with Janine- TV Show which airs on Merrimac, NH’s cable station, and hosted by New Hampshire State Rep Janine Notter.  We also co-hosted a show on the newly rebooted Catching Fire News, and an appearance on Alex Newman’s Sentinel Report. Vince Ellison appeared on the Grace Curley Show WRKO Boston on our behalf, and as mentioned in the last report, Camp Constitution instructor Willie Soon appeared as a guest on the Tucker Carlson Show and promoted Camp Constitution leading to thousands of views on our website, unsolicited donations and about thirty new family camp attendees including a familu from Frankfort, Germany.


Special Projects and Events

    We had information tables at the Mass HOPE and Homeschoolers of Maine annual conventions.  We participate in a flag raising ceremony of Resurrection Sunday in front of Nashua, NH’s City Hall.  Nashua residents Beth Scaer and Marc Vatter sponsored the event.  We had our Spring Clean Up at our two miles of road on Alton, NH.

We hosted our 2nd Annual Homeschool Patriots Day Overnight at the Lane House in Lexington, MA:

Thanks to two generous donors, we were able to run radio spots promoting the Sam Blumenfeld Archive, and Ladies Weekend Retreat on WRKO, the most popular AM talk radio show in New England, and WORD Radio WSEW in Rochester.  The spots also ran free on  New Hampshire Gospel Radio WVNH, WANH, and WJNHA link to the radio spot:

                                                                                YouTube, and Rumble

We received 327,000 views for this reporting period and as well as 6,832 new subscribers giving us close to 15,000 subscribers.  Since creating our channel, we have received 1.9 million views.   Our Rumble channel had 3,864 views and 800 likes.   If you haven’t already, please subscribe to these two channels and share the videos:

                                                      Camp Constitution Radio on Podomatic and Other Platforms

Since January 2015, our 30-minute radio show has been airing on WBCQ The Planet, and for the past six years, we have uploaded our shows on Podomatic, and linking the show to Amazon, I-Heart, Spotify, and several other platforms. Due to the passing of one of our donors, we had to cancel our radio show at the end of June.  We will replace it with a podcast called The Camp Constitution Report which will offer interviews and commentary.

For this reporting period,  we have received 651 plays and 1,79 downloads of our shows.  We continue to be in the top ten for the category of conservative-right.  In addition to our weekly show, we have uploaded some classic interviews and speeches by the likes of Dan Smoot, Gary Allen, and E. Merrill Root. A link to our show:

                                                                              Camp Constitution Press

We published The Racist Roots of Planned Parenthood and Its Legacy of Death and Art and Revolution, and we had another printing of Alpha-Phonics, and The 1928 U.S. Army Manual. Thanks to the efforts of Bill McNally and his daughter, Barbara, who edited an unpublished manuscript on the JFK assassination written by Sam Blumenfeld in 1965, we will be publishing Sam’s work titled Did the KGB Kill Kennedy?  Bill and Barbara are also working on a more difficult edit of Sam’s  Did the Communists Create the Neo-Nazi Movement in America

                                                                                         Speakers Bureau

We had 27 speaking engagements including five engagements by best-selling author Vince Ellison, and two for Willaim Brown and Phil Zodhiates of Save the Persecuted Christians.


75,000 views and 28,000 visits on the site.

                                                                                       Sam Blumenfeld Archives

354,000 Hits with over 1,000 Alpha Phonics workbooks downloaded.  As mentioned above, we reprinted 200 copies of  Alpha Phonics and ran 30-second promotional spots on several radio stations including WRKO, and WORD Radio in Rochester, NH:

The Blumenfeld Archives


                                                                                                 Facebook Page

We have 3,200 likes and over 3,500 following our page.  We also manage six other groups and one other page-all of them growing in members

                                                                                   Stopping An Article V Convention

We testified against HCR 8 a resolution introduced by  the far-left group Wolf PAC  in New Hampshire’s House and it was soundly defeated, and we testified in favor of HCR 9, a resolution to rescind New Hampshire’s only Article V application.  It passed the House by a voice vote which surprised many pundits but was not taken up in the Senate.  In Maine, we helped defeat a resolution for an Article V Convention.  On the morning before the vote, we appeared as a guest on WVOM-the Voice of Maine to discuss the issue.  A link to the interview:

Ladies Spring Fling

We held our 5th annual ladies “Spring Fling” in early April held at the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center.  Guest speaker was Dr. Felecia Nace.

                                                                                    Looking Into the Next Six Months

We are co-hosting a Patriot Camp in Maine.  We will have an info table at the Crown of Maine Balloon Festival in Presque Isle, Maine.  Our third annual Family Weekend Retreat returns to Camp Sentinel in Tuftonboro, NH. We have tentative plans to attend a patriot rally in Texas.  We have a ladies fall retreat in early November which will be held at the Alton Bay Chrisitan Conference Center.


                                                                               Our 16th Annual Family Camp

Our camp starts up next week.  We have a full house with over 150 signed up.


                                                                                       How You Can Help

Pray for our nation and for Camp Constitution.

Host a Camp Constitution speaker.

Subscribe to our YouTube and Rumble channels and follow us on Podomatic.

View and share our videos and podcasts.

Make a monthly donation or a one-time donation. Donations may be made via our PayPal account accessed from our website’s homepage

If you own a business or are involved with a non-profit, consider a sponsorship for a minimum of $100. A year.

A thanks to all of you who have helped make our camp program possible and my position possible.




Hal Shurtleff, Director

Camp Constitution