Camp Constitution Reprints Family Heritage Series

Camp Constitution Press just released “Camp Constitution Presents The Family Heritage Series.”  This series was originally published as a weekly newsletter  designed to be read at the dinner table with family members.  It consists of a series of articles on the U.S. Constititution, the Declarartion of Independence,  U.S. History, economics, and biographies.  Camp Constitution Press reprints six of these in this booklet including “They Signed For Us,  the story of the fate of the brave men who signed the Declarartion of Independence.

This 28-page booklet 8 1/2″ x 11” is avaiable for $4 postage included.  Please send a check  payable to Camp Constitution C/O  Hal Shurtleff 12 March Ave. West Roxbury, MA  02132.  For quanity discounts, please call (857) 498-1309  It is also available as a free down load on Camp Constitution’s page