Camp Constitution Radio and Our Podomatic Page

Camp Constitution Radio, hosted by yours truly, has been airing on WBCQ The Planet since January of 2015 with an interview of Rev. Steve Craft.  The 30-minute show is recorded weekly and runs twice a week on Monday and Thurday evenings.   WBCQ is a shortwave station located in Monticello, Maine.

In 2017, we started a podcast on Podomatic using our radio shows as well as timeless speeches by the likes of Gary Allen, Dan Smoot, G Edward Griffin, Anthony Sutton and our late friend and mentor Samuel Blumenfeld.


Over the years, we have interviewed authors, activists, historians, educators, and experts in their fields.  The list of guests include G. Edward Griffin, Professor Willie Soon, Stacey Dash, Alex Newman, Dr. Michael Coffman, Dr. Duke Pesta, James Perloff, C.J. Pearson, Mary Graybar, Professor David Super, Anni Cyrus, Dan Wos, Lord Christopher Monckton, Barbara from Harlem, and Tom DeWeese just to mention a few.

Our shows and classic recordings are also heard on Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and several others.  While we certainly are not competing with Joe Rogan, and Spotify hasn’t offered us a multi-million-dollar contract, we are usually in the top ten for our category-conservative right-on Podomatic.  We even held first place for our category for a few days.

Help us get the word out. 

Readers are encouraged to visit our Podomatic page, and follow, listen, share and download our shows    Camp Constitution Radio (   as well as listen to our show on WBCQ The Planet which air Mondays at 7:30 PM EST and repeat on Thursdays 7:30 Pm EST.  If you don’t have a shortwave radio, listen on-line