Camp Constitution Press Reprints the 1928 U.S. Army Manual and Major General John Stark Biography


Camp Constitution Press has reprinted two books that, we believe have been long out of print:  The 1928 U.S. Army Training Manual, a 192-page book concerning U.S. History, the U.S. Constitution, and citizenship, and   Major General John Stark Hero of Bunker Hill and Bennington 1728-1822 by Leon W. Anderson 32 pages

 The 1928 U.S. Army Training Manual was written by a person or persons who loved the United States and promoted its true history.  The author or authors also knew the dangers of communism, socialism and collectivism. In the book, we read “Socialism kills–The doctrine of ‘socialism’ is ‘collectivism.” It tears down the social structure…” The book rightly defines the United States as a republic and denounced democracy as a system that “results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.” Therefore, the New Dealers did not like this book and in 1933. Franklin Roosevelt ordered all the copies of the manual removed from military posts and destroyed. Thankfully, some copies survived. The Foreword is written by Mr. Bernie Alessandrini, founder of Article IV, Section IV, Reclaim our Republic.

Major General John Stark Hero of Bunker Hill and Bennington 1728 – 1822 is a condensed story (32) pages by Leon W. Anderson and originally published in 1972. It tells the exploits of the man who coined the term “Live Free or Die” the official  motto of the State of New Hampshire.  From his capture by Indians as a young man to his leading soldiers at the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Battle of Bennington where he told his men “There are your enemies, the Red Coats and the Tories. They are ours or Molly Stark sleeps a widow,”  this short book is a tribute to this great patriot and citizen-soldier.

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