CAMP CONSTITUTION LADIES 2nd Annual Spring Fling Friday April 29 to Sunday May 2


                      Camp Constitution is holding its 2nd annual Ladies “Spring Fling” Retreat   
 WHEN: Friday, April 29, 2022, 5 pm   Sunday, May 1, 2022, 1 pm
 WHERE:  Singing Hills Christian Camp 71 King Drive Plainfield, New Hampshire
SPEAKER: Mrs. Kathi Lear of The Well of Living Water Christian Ministries
                    and Fellowship  –  New Hampshire
                    (Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear, Founder)
COST:        $225  (Includes lodging, five fabulous meals, craft activity, and more!)
          *Payments via Camp C.’s PayPal Account, homepage
          *Payments by check payable to:  Camp Constitution.     
          Mail to Maura Shurtleff, 146 Powder Mill Rd., Alton, NH  03809

                                                                                                     Kathi Lear
  Kathi Lear was born and raised in Salem, Oregon, hailing from a pioneer family that included generations of Methodist ministers who made their way across the country via the Oregon Trail in the mid-1800’s and beyond. 
Following a 35+ year career in the financial services industry and having had the honor of caring for her parents in the final years of their lives, she met and married Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear, moving to the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire in the foothills of the White Mountains.
 Kathi has a love for Jesus and a desire that all people would come to know the love of Christ as Lord and Savior, embracing the Divine plan He’s established for our lives and intends for us to live out, here and now.  Her passion is to be a voice of reason and understanding, connecting Biblical truth with the cultural moment we live in, embracing Christian worldview as a way of living, not just a way of thinking.
 Kathi is a missionary in America, the Director of Spiritual Formation and Outreach for Well of Living Water Christian Fellowship and Ministries, which her beloved late husband Rev. Dr. Garrett Lear (1948-2021) founded in 1980.  She is a Fellowship candidate at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, to be commissioned in May 2022.
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Questions:  Maura Shurtleff  857-498-1310; Edith Craft  732-501-0087;  or Roberta Stewart  301-233-8613.  Also:  Edith’s Email: .