Camp Constitution Director On A New Hampshire Left-Wing Hate List


 Recently, The Granite Grok published a list of over 500 conservative activists from around New Hampshire created by former New Hampshire State Senator Jeanne Dietsch:   Dietsch labeled those on her list an “anti-Democratic extremists.”   She also has a link on her website where people can request additions to her “anti-Democrat extremists” list.
   Among the names on this hate list is your truly.   Dietsch has me listed as a “Christian Nationalist” who directs “a far right Evangelical camp.”   It appears that Ms. Dietch is following the lead of Congresswoman Maxine Waters who urged people to confront Trump supporters.   Her goal is to have those on the list, silenced, intimidated, canceled, fired, boycotted or worse. While I can’t speak on behalf of the other people on her hate list, many of whom I know personally and consider then friends, I think this list will only motivate those on the list to work harder to promote liberty and freedom.  While I am not concerned about my personal safety, and my son’s, I am worried about the safety of wife and daughters who may be targeted as a result of this list.  If, so, I will hold her legally responsible,

  Ms. Dietsch is certainly no moderate.   She supports open borders, opposed to fossil fuels, and thinks the Koch Brothers control New Hampshire.  In June of 2020, her elitism and anti-Democratic worldview was on display when she was quoted at a House Education Committe meeting:    “this idea of parental choice, that’s great if the parent is well-educated. There are some families that’s perfect for. But to make it available to everyone? No. I think you’re asking for a huge amount of trouble.”