Camp Constitution Creates Uncle Sam Album on its Vimeo Page

Camp Constitution  has created an Uncle Sam album on its Vimeo page.  The album consists of a video of a walk through the Uncle Sam House in Mason, NH, a walk through the Uncle Sam Poster Museum in Sonoma, CA, an interview of “The Life and Times of Uncle Sam” author, George Jacques,  a presentation by Fred Polinish of Uncle Sam at Camp Constitution, a 1970’s documentary on Uncle Sam,” A man Named Sam”-an interview of Jean-Pierre and Cecile Mouraux, owners of the Uncle Sam House and Uncle Sam Museum, which was produced by the Arlington, MA public access station, and a video of the Uncle Sam Statue in Troy, NY.

Camp Constitution’s motto is “Honoring the Past…Teaching the Present…Preparing the Future.”  We think that by keeping the memory of Uncle Sam Wilson alive we help to  accomplish all three.    Check out the videos