Camp Constitution at Mass HOPE Homeschool Convention

After a two-year hiatus due to the unconstitutional lockdown, Camp Constitution returned to Mass HOPE’s  (Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators) annual convention which was held in Sturbridge, MA this past weekend.  This year marked our 10th year of  participating  in this annual event where we have met and made many friends.  In addition to our information table where we distribute literature about Camp Constitution, the Blumenfeld Archives, books, and pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution, we challenged those who stop by the table to take our ten question quiz on the U.S. Constitution.  We also had quill pens and had children use these pens to sign their names, and our friend Alan Belanger spent Friday  making balloons for the children.

We also held two “workshops” which were well attended and well received.   Rev. Craft’s workshop was “The Christian Response to Critical Race Theory”‘ and mine was entitled “The Sam Blumenfeld Legacy.  The late Sam Blumenfeld was a regular attendee at the even.t and many on hand had fond memories of Sam.  We believe that this convention was the most productive of all the conventions we have attended.   A special thanks to Rev. Steve and Mrs. Edith Craft, Alan Belanger, the Krutov Family, Adrian Villa, and the good folks at mass HOPE