Boston Public Library Openly Endorses Racist, Anti-Christian, Anti-Semitic Organization


I made this short video after seeing this “Black Lives Matter” sign in my local public library in the West Roxbury section of Boston.   I spoke to the librarian and asked who made the decision to post a sign promoting a racist, anti-Semitic terrorist group.  She said that it was sent by “Copley” which is the main library in Boston.  It seems that all of Boston’s libraries are posting this sign.  I explained the true nature of Black Lives Matter to the librarian and she told me that she wasn’t aware of Black Lives Matter’s positions.  I told her that BLM isn’t hiding its positions.

May I suggest that readers view and share this short video, and then call the library at 617-325-3147 and ask them why they support a violent, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian organization.