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Legislators Beware: You May Be Smeared or Accused of Bribery if You Oppose An Article V Convention

The majority of people who belong to or support Convention of States and Term Limits USA are good and decent people who are rightfully concerned about the direction of our nation and earnestly believe that adding amendments to the U.S. Constitution will help solve our nation’s problems.  Sadly, I cannot say that same about some of the leaders and their paid lobbyists.  From Mark Meckler, founder of Convention of States who authored an article ridiculing the late Phyllis Schlafly’s age to Kenn Quinn, former lobbyist for Convention of States now working for Term Limits USA, who childishly superimposed tin foil hats on pictures of opponents of an Article V Convention, to outright accusations of bribery by Convention of States’ New Hampshire group, their leadership has a history of employing unsavory tactics to justify their agenda.

Back in 2016, I wrote an article that was posted on the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition’s website    It concerned a lie manufactured by the leadership of New Hampshire’s Convention of States whose regional representative was Mr. Quinn:

Elected Officials Beware: You Better Support an Article V Convention or You May Be Accused of Bribery

Posted on Feb 5th, 2016 in Local IssuesNewsState Legislation

by Bill McNally

An organization founded by Mark Meckler called “Convention of States” has its lobbyists in state houses across the United States promoting an Article V Convention. Their paid lobbyists and supporters have every right to promote one but what they don’t have a right to do is to smear honorable people who oppose one, and that is what they recently did in New Hampshire.

Recently, Hal Shurtleff, New England Coordinator for The John Birch Society, was contacted by a friend who shared the following E-mail sent out by the New Hampshire Convention of States:

 “ Good Morning Supporters,

 One of the members of the NH State Senate Committee Kevin Avard is now opposing SCR4 due to a donation he recently received for his campaign by the John Birch Society who is against us.  Senator Avard is from District 12 which includes Brookline, Greenville, Hollis, Mason, New Ipswich, Rindge, & Wards 1, 2, & 5 in the City of Nashua.  Make a call and leave a voice message to Senator Avard today at 603-271-4151 and tell him to support SCR4!  Don’t forget to leave your name and the town you are calling from.  

Priscilla Mills
Grassroots Coordinator
Convention of States Project

Senator Kevin Avard was informed off this outrageous slander and accusation of bribery and contacted Ms. Mills by email only to receive an arrogant reply to the effect that if he doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t be in politics. Senator Avard then contacted the New Hampshire director of Convention of States, and he went into damage control mode and issued this weak apology:

  On behalf of Convention of States Action New Hampshire, I would like to publicly apologize to Senator Avard for the email message that was sent yesterday by our former volunteer Grassroots Coordinator, Priscilla Mills.  The information in the message was inaccurate and I am truly sorry that it was sent. Please disregard it in its entirety. I believe that Senator Avard continues to seriously consider both sides of SCR4, and I hope that this recent error in judgment by one of our former volunteers will not prevent him from focusing his attention on the critical substance of this issue for our nation.

 For the foreseeable future, I will be the only volunteer sending out communications on behalf of COS Action New Hampshire, and I will ensure that no further incorrect information is disseminated.

I sincerely hope that Senator Avard will forgive us and will not hold this error in judgment (made by one volunteer) against our entire statewide or national movement.

John Therriault
New Hampshire State Director

Mr. Therriault called Ms. Mills smear “inaccurate information”, and her deed simply “an error of judgment.” Hal Shurtleff didn’t agree… “It was not inaccurate information, it was a bold face lie,” Shurtleff said, “An error of judgment?” No, it was a hateful attempt to destroy the reputation of an honorable elected official, and the good men and women who make up The John Birch Society.”

Readers should note that no apology was forthcoming to members of The John Birch Society.  Mr. Shurtleff wanted to make it clear that the sponsor of the resolution calling for an Article V Convention, Senator Gary Daniels of Milford, NH is “an honorable man who has nothing to do with this ugly tactic.” Please note that if wasn’t for Mr. Shurtleff’s friend, this lie would not have been uncovered. It begs the question: How many E-mails of this nature went out to Convention of States supporters that were not detected?

Convention of States has enjoyed the support of many good, decent Americans who are well-meaning. Let us hope that they will do a little research into this group that is only a few years old. May I suggest a visit to this web site for starters:

Our nation has never held an Article V Convention for good reason.  Since 2013, the New Hampshire legislature, has wisely rejected all new applications for an Article V Convention.  Let’s hope that they will continue to reject an Article V Convention

Mr. McNally lives in Windham, NH.  He was the host of the radio show “Literacy Matters” heard on WSMN in Nashua on Mondays 9-10am, and the recipient of the NHCCS 2015 Loyalty Award (National Center for Constitutional Studies).