An Open Letter to Congressman Steube: Don’t Let The Atheists At The Freedom From Religion Foundation Bully You Into Taking Down Your Christian Flag

 Dear Congressman Steube:

 I just got word that the Freedom From Religion Foundation is attempting to bully you into taking down the Christian flag that you have on display outside your Washington D.C. Office.  I am the plaintiff in the “Shurtleff v  Boston” case which was a 9-0 precedent setting U.S. Supreme Court victory.     The City of Boston, the same city that holds parties for non-whites only, and up until the Supreme Court took our case in September of 2021, allowed local communist groups to fly the flags of Communist China and Cuba, refused to grant me and my organization Camp Constitution.  
 Thanks to God and the efforts of Liberty Counsel, we won our case and the city had to pay our legal team $2.1 million in legal fees.  Our case helped put the “Lemon Test” to rest and made it more difficult for members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation to bully town and city officials as well as private citizens.  Here is a link to their amicus brief against us
Keep that beautiful flag flying.
  Hal Shurtleff, Director
  Camp Constitution
  Alton, NH  
Congressman Steube’s flag in front of his office on the left, and our flag flying over the City of Boston on the right