9/11– 2001

Tuesday morning September 11, 2001, I left my home in Hyde Park (Boston) and took the subway to Logan Airport. It was a beautiful late summer day. I boarded a plane to Detroit (Wayne County Airport). The plane was suppose to fly onto LA. It was the same terminal which two of the planes that were hijacked. originated.    When the plane was making its descent into Wayne County Airport, the pilot’s reassuring vice came over the PA”  “There has been a security breech and you will have make other arrangements.”  When we deplaned and arrived into the terminal, we soon realized what that breech was.

Let us not only remember the victims of the tragedy and their families, but the evil monsters responsible for the attack.  And the attack wasn’t done because the terrorists were jealous of our way of life.  It was a preemptive strike by militant Muslims who have long declared war against the West.