Boston Plastic Bag Ban Gets Camp Constitution National Attention


  Thanks to Professor Willie Soon, and his contacts in the climate realist community,  my opposition  against the City of Boston’s plastic bag ban has received national attention.  Two weeks ago, I submitted a letter to the editor of several Boston newspapers spelling out the reasons why the recently enacted ban was not only unconstitutional but also not environmentally friendly.  The owner of the “Boston City Paper,” Paul Feeney, ran the letter as a front page story.  We decided  to create a flyer that can be used anywhere in the U.S.  Mark Affleck, Camp Constitution’s newspaper editor, did an excellent job creating the attractive flyer from the copy I sent him.  We also created a short video on the subject. (Links to the flyer and video:

I sent Professor Soon the  letter, and he forwarded it to Paul  Driessen who is the senior policy adviser for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and author of articles of books on energy, the environment. and human rights abuses.  Mr. Driessen, with input from Michael Lee Greer, did some editing, and converted the letter into an article. with links to the flyer and video.  Mr. Driessen then  forwarded it to his contacts.  Within a few days, it was published by  organizations including the Heartland Institute, Canada Free Press CFACT, and wattsupwiththat

Camp Constitution has received an excellent response both locally and nationally. A number of people have contacted us.   A man from Alexandria, VA contacted us, and said that he download the flyer and  is passing them out to people at his local Trader Joes.  A lady from Ventura Beach, California called us and said that she visited our website after seeing the article, and will talk to her group about starting a Camp Constitution in her area.  A man who owns six restaurants in Boston contacted us and asked to help with lifting the ban.   In addition, Boston’s only conservative city councilor will sponsor a bill to lift the ban.  Not all were happy about the letter, however.  a local group in my neighborhood worked together to discredit me, and our efforts to expose the truth, but it only generated more support for us.

     If a ban has been enacted or being considered in your town or city, please use the PDF and video posted above as educational tools, and consider hosting a Camp Constitution speaker to address the reason behind the bans:  the implementation of Agenda 21.  Texas has overturned the bans, and we can either stop or overturn bans in other parts of the country.