Christian Persecution in the United States: An Interview of Phil Zodhiates author of “Innocent The Price One Man Paid For Doing What Is Right.”

Camp Constitution’s Speakers Bureau is hosting author Phil Zodhiates in Maine and New Hampshire later this month.  We recently interviewed him about his experience that he wrote about in his book The Price One Man Paid For Doing What Is Right.  It proves that Chrisitan persecution isn’t something that happens in other countries but also in the United States. Phil helped a former lesbian turned Christian and her daughter that was being sexually abused by the mother’s former lesbian partner.  It landed him in jail for almost three years.   A more recent example of such persecution is the wave of violence unlashed at the nation’s faith-based Crisis Pregnancy Centers in, and the F.B.I.’s surveillance of Traditional Catholics.

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Phil’s Maine speaking engagement will be held at the First Parish Congregation Church   650 Center Rd. Lebanon, ME Friday June 28- 7:00 PM.  His New Hampshire engagement will take place at the Alton Community Church 20 Church St, Altoon, NH Saturday June 29-7:00 PM.  Both events are free.  Donations accepted.  These events will also have the Save the Persecuted Chistian’s banner display, and a presentation by one of its spokesmen Mr. William Brown.

A link to an audio version of the interview: