Communism At Pearl Harbor

This is a link to a PDF of a rare 28-page booklet by the late Professor Anthony Kubek:

His bio from    Dr. Kubek was a nationally prominent authority on American foreign policy, especially US policy in Asia.

Anthony Kubek was born in 1920. After a year as a scholarship student at Geneva College, he served during World War II in the US Navy in the Pacific theater and the Far East.

He earned three degrees from Georgetown University: B.A. in Foreign Service (1948), M.A. (1950), and Ph.D. in American Diplomatic History (1956). During his academic career, he served as the Academic Dean of Frisco College, in Frisco, Texas, and as a professor at the University of Dallas, where he was chairman of the Department of History and Political Science.

He was widely known as a lecturer and a consultant on American foreign policy. He was active in the national honor society Phil Alpha Theta, the Political Science Association, and the American Historical Association.

His published writings included The Amerasian Papers, a two-volume study issued by the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary, How the Far East was Lost: American Policy and the Creation of Communist China, 1941- 1949  (published in 1963 and 1972), The Red China Papers (1975), Ronald Reagan and Free China (2002), as well as a monograph, Communism at Pearl Harbor: How the Communists Helped to Bring on Pearl Harbor and Open Up Asia to Communization (

Throughout his life he was a devout Roman Catholic and staunchly anti-Communist. He and his wife Naomi Dugan Kubek were parents of four children. He died on June 10, 2003, at his home in Irving, Texas.