U.S. Supreme Court to hear Camp Constitution’s Christian flag lawsuit January 18. Prayer vigil to be held on the 17th

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear our Christian flag lawsuit on Tuesday January 18—10:00 AM.  We will hold a prayer vigil in front of the Supreme Court on Monday January 17, and a reception at Liberty Counsel’s Ministry Center after our court appearance.   More details will be forthcoming.   A link to the legal brief:  https://lc.org/PDFs/Attachments2PRsLAs/2021/111521BriefShurtleffBostonFlagSCOTUS.pdf

  This is from our attorney Mat Staver:Over the 12 years before Constitution Day 2017, the City of Boston approved 284 applications by private groups to temporarily raise a flag on the city’s flagpole during their event. But application number 285 was denied solely because Camp Constitution’s application included one word—the word “Christian.”

Boston’s website states it wants to “create an environment in the city where everyone feels included, and is treated with respect.”

But when Boston says “everyone,” it means everyone BUT Christians.

Camp Constitution applied to hold an event to celebrate Christian contributions to Boston and Massachusetts. During the one-hour program, Camp Constitution applied to raise the “Christian flag” on the city’s “public forum” flagpole, which its website said is open to “all applicants.”

But the City of Boston DENIED Camp Constitution’s application SOLELY because it included the word “Christian.”

We lost this case twice in the lower district court, then lost twice at the court of appeals. But the Supreme Court has taken up the case and will issue a ruling that will impact the entire country!


We filed our opening brief on Monday. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court set oral argument for January 18. This week has been a whirlwind!

Please be in prayer for a successful result that will stop the silencing of Christian viewpoints! Whether it is free speech or forced COVID shots, we are fighting for freedom on every front.

Hal Shurtleff and Pastor Earl Wallace in front of the Federal Courthouse Boston, MA January 2019