Camp Constitution Expansion Plans: How You Can Help


For the past 100 years, America has been on a steady decline in every area, due to an all out assault on the fundamental traditional Christian values upon which our nation was built. America’s Founding Fathers and the documents they created, primarily the US Bill of Rights and Constitution are being misrepresented in the media, within our education system and by government officials at every level.

Camp Constitution was developed to stand in the gap and help reverse the negative trend.


The Camp Constitution Family Camp was founded in December of 2008. It held its first week long family camp in July of 2009. It is a New Hampshire charitable trust with a mission to Promote and Preserve The Christian Foundation of Americanism by inspiring young people to live out, advocate for and defend the values that made America great. Attendance at Camp Constitution Family Camp has increased every year!

To date, these goals currently have been pursued through these activities:

a) The summer Camp Constitution weeklong program in Rindge, NH,
b) Outreaching to young people and their parents and caretakers by providing information at home school shows and other venues.
c) We maintain a Youtube channel where we post videos of our camp classes and activities at our and short videos of historic or issue related importance. The camp has a publishing arm, Camp Constitution Press. which has reprinted “Not Yours to Give,” “Republics and Democracies,” “What is Money,”

d)  Our Sam Blumenfeld Archive, a valuable source for homeschoolers has been receiving thousand of views.  In August 2016, we received over 187,000 views.

Evidence of the success of these programs is seen in how attendance at Camp Constitution was increasing every year, and the breadth, depth and experience of the authors and speakers who have taken notice of the Camp and submitted resumes and applications to speak there. These speakers believe the Camp provides an excellent opportunity to reach the next generation with the Foundational Principles that no longer are being esteemed nor taught in the US public school system.


We believe there are more and more people in America who are waking up to how our nation is declining, and they are looking for ways to do something about it. Parents feel they are being hit from every side. They can sense the erosion of their Constitutional freedoms, which are threatened by wide-reaching initiatives such as the National Defense Authorization Act with its looming specter of martial law, the IRS targeting conservatives and Christians, and now Common Core is undermining their children at school, which is supposed to be among the safest and most cheerful places.

We have been refining the Camp Constitution model of educating and recreating families, and their members of all ages over the past six years, and now are ready to take the program throughout the entire USA.

Our desire is to prepare young people and assist their families to take back America, and see the next generation preserve it for their posterity. To accomplish this goal, we plan to expand our services to develop a network of Camp Constitutions around the continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii, and even Puerto Rico, as God opens doors. We already have connections to patriotic Americans in all those locations, but we lack the capacity and resources to solidify these relationships and encourage and empower them to go forward into developing their own Camps.

This proposal is to expand the pursuit of these goals through the following activities:

1) Conducting Educational Programs on the Real Lives of America’s Founding Fathers
2) Teaching the Contents of America’s Founding Documents
3) Promoting Camp Constitution Forum A Speakers Bureau of people who research and effectively communicate and disseminate Constitutionally based materials that honor our traditional values. Through the speakers bureau we either would host programs in this and other regions, or facilitate other groups acquiring speakers to meet their needs throughout the year.
4) Linking Organizations and Encouraging Their Coordination In Promoting Activities that Support Traditional American & Christian Values.
5) Providing An On-Line Book Store of Materials that promote Traditional American Christian Values.
6) Conducting weekend training programs to instruct and encourage others to operate week long Camp Constitution programs.
7) Overseeing and conducting multiple week long annual Camp Constitution programs at other locations to be developed throughout the USA, modeled on the success at what currently is our flagship program located in Rindge, NH.


Currently, Camp Constitution is operated completely by volunteers. We do provide an honorarium for a few speakers, and/or some of their expenses. The majority of our printing costs have been paid for by one of our supporters directly to the printer. If our current speakers begin traveling to other locations throughout America, these costs, including room, board, and perhaps some per diems are going to dramatically increase the need for funding.

Camp Constitution proposes to create a position for a full-time director of Camp Constitution, as the building of other week-long family camps either under our auspices or as a traveling and accessible advisor to them. Duties will include working under the direction of and reporting to a board to accomplish these activities:
A) conducting presentations to groups interested in forming a summer Camp like our current one.
B) Providing presentations on how to start and conduct a summer Camp. Several years ago, we had an opportunity to conduct a presentation to a group in Virginia on how to start a summer camp, and recently we have received several inquiries about starting camps in Colorado and California.
C) Packaging and making available as resources, our current camp program and curriculum, tests, DVDs of our classes with study guides.
D) Making short historic and issue related videos and documentaries.
E) Increasing our presence at home school shows and patriotic events, as well as outreaching at events like county fairs, parades and other venues.
F) Expand The Camp Constitution Press: We would continue to reprint or publish timely items, such as  a reprinted booklet about Agenda 21 in New Hampshire, titled “Granite State Future: The Real Facts” and distributed copies to selectmen in approximately 80 percent of the state. We also reprinted an article in the same format, titled: “Gateway 1” with plans to distribute the booklet to officials in Coastal Maine.
G) Improving The Camp Blog: While we already have a blog, we would make it more viable with more timely articles posted on a more regular basis.
H) Media Outreach: We have cultivated a number of friendly media personalities, and will work to increase our presence on the air, in print, and on social media. We have appeared as guests on a number of AM radio stations, and several Cable TV shows.
I) Radio Show: We would expand  our radio show that currently airs on a station in Maine  for 1/2 a week.
J) Constitution Clubs: We would create these clubs around camp counselors, senior campers – especially those in college. These clubs would meet for the purpose educating, informing and activating young and old alike.
K) State House Days: We will sponsor trips to state houses to educate, inform and influence officials on important issues.


The greatest need is funding that only patriotic Americans, who can face the stark realities of the position our nation is in, while also having the faith, foresight and resources available to help us make a difference. The funding needs include:

Director’s Compensation Package:
• A starting base annual salary of $59,000.
• Estimated annual expenses for cell phone, travel, lodging, meals, etc, will be $11,000.
• A family medical insurance plan will approximate $500. per month, until we successfully abolish The Affordable Care Act!

We are about 1/5 of the way there. We are looking for monthly contributions/and or annual donations. Monthly donations can be made via PayPal from Camp Constitutions web site Checks can be made out to Camp Constitution and forwarded to: CAMP CONSTITUTION
Attn: Charles Everett
5945 Quail Hollow Road, Unit D
Charlotte, NC 28210