Where There is Unity by James Harrison of Natural Family Strong

 A recent Supreme Court “leak” regarding an upcoming Roe Vs Wade decision has created a wave of activity on the part of our adversaries. But strangely enough and almost unnoticed was an actual Supreme Court decision that was coincidentally released the very same day of the Roe Case leak.  This separate Supreme Court Decision, a seldom seen 9-0 decision, has quietly created some interesting results throughout the fruited plans frustrating the plans of many progressive on the God hating left.

Back to that in a moment but first I mentioned the word coincidental which Webster defines as :

“Occurring or existing at the same time”. For example – the fact that your boss and you went to the same college was purely coincidental or like Joe Biden just happens to be  pumping billions of dollars into a county where his son made millions in questionable business deals – a coincidence for sure, right?

 Speaking of coincidence, it just so happens that a week after this unanimous Supreme Court Decisionthe city of Delaware, Ohio announced that they were pausing their banner/ flag program where one noted alphabet organization was looking forward to flying their colors all over the city in June. 

 It is also noteworthy that prior to this city council decision several local citizens had asked the city of Delaware council to declare a family celebration from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day of 2022. The idea was to honor the traditional family as described in the bible. And of course, the Delaware City Council would not even consider the idea quickly noting several excuses as to why not. Keep in mind this is the same council that encourages the celebration of the sexually challenged and even gave them memorial plagues for their inaugural efforts last year.

In response to the council’s Traditional Family Celebration denial, family friendly citizens then requested of the city council that instead of flying a supposed  “Pride” banner the entire month of June, a Traditional Family banner be displayed. Hopefully this would be done  at least 2 weeks in June.  This Traditional Family display would replace the “pride” banners  and preferably appear at least over father’s day June.

 The city reluctantly took the Traditional Family application which included a banner with the picture of one man, one woman and their children inside of a heart?  To say that the city seemed to have little interest in offering a symbol of the Traditional (aka Natural Family) would be an understatement. They were quite aware that Traditional family banner would have “countered” the Gay Pride banner and rumor had it that the city would likely would have said thanks but no thanks to our request if it were not for… 

   Did I mention that there was a 9-0 Supreme Court decision a couple of weeks ago?  A unanimous decision that said the city of Boston, despite the city’s previous decision against it, would now have to display a Christian flag if so requested.   And folks this was after 5 years of legal wrangling. The fact that the court even considered the case let alone come down with a unanimous decision in favor of Christians was well, dare I say, miraculous in today’s bizarre world.

  And what did that have to do with our little Ole Midwest City council decision?  Well, I’d say most everything! That is because Delaware city has now decided to “pause” all banners pending, wait for it, pending their lawyer taking a good hard look at the Boston Case – Camp Constitution Vs. City of Boston.      https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-1800_7lho.pdf                 Which means that at present NO banners – yes that means nothing in June for sure – will be on display on the city’s property until further notice.

  Oh and one more thing. As is my want I have been sending emails to a local pastor of a quite large church encouraging him as best he could to encourage his congregation to be salt and light  in the world. To nudge his flock to start attending local magistrate meetings- like the aforementioned City council. 

    Well, before the meeting this past Monday evening a gentleman got up and spoke and gave a passionate speech on how the city should not be displaying the rainbow flag or anything that promotes a perverted lifestyle. His heartfelt appeal was quite impressive and keep in mind this was well before the City’s decision was officially announced.

 After the meeting our Traditional Family group spoke with this gentleman who assured us that he was a Christian and that his church was active in the community.  And what church was that? As you might have already guessed, his church just happened to be the same one I’ve been badgering, oops I mean communicating with over the past few months..  

 As I look back on this experience, I can’t help but be astonished as to how things worked together, like, well like it was some sort of a synchronousor dare I say, providential plan where all the pieces seemed to just snap into place and the perfect time.

James Harrison

Director – www.naturalfamilystrong.com