Is the Rainbow flag the Official Flag of Left-Wing Christendom

Camp Constitution has a pending lawsuit against the City of Boston for denying us a permit to fly the Christian flag on a public access flagpole at City Hall Plaza.  The City gladly raises the Rainbow flag on City Hall Plaza and pastes its main library with Rainbow flags.  Last year, I visited a number of left-wing churches  to make the case that the Rainbow flag is the official flag of left-wing Christendom.


Countering the Cultural Marxists with Camp Constitution Reading Hours at Public Libraries

In the wake of the Drag Queen Reading Hours at libraries all over the United States, Camp Constitution is offering its Camp Constitution Reading Hour to local libraries. The reading would focus on historical events and highlight great Americans. It would  promote patriotism, love of liberty, sacrifice, and heroism.  “We would have a different theme for each month,” explained Hal Shurtleff, Camp Constitution’s co-founder and director.   “During the month of July, the readings would focus on the Declaration of Independence, and the sacrifices made by its signers.  The month of September our readings would focus on the U.S. Constitution.  October, the Battle of Saratoga, and  surrender at Yorktown .  November, Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims,    The month of February would focus on Black Patriots of the Revolutionary War, and the month of April, the focus would be the Battle of Concord and Lexington,” Shurtleff explained

Shurtleff has contacted several libraries that hosted drag queen story hours and already booked several engagements.  “I E-mailed the director of the Conway, NH library, and within a few minutes of receiving the E-mail, he called and said he would welcome our reading hour,” said Mr. Shurtleff.  He also was successful in booking a reading at the Fall River, MA Library which recently hosted a drag queen reading hour.  “We posted this campaign on Facebook, and within a few hours, we got a number of people volunteering their services” Shurtleff explained.

For more information on the Camp Constitution Reading Hour, please call (857) 498-1309 or E-mail   Website   A page for the reading hour is under development.



The Weekly Sam: Rescue Our Children Tour with Alex Newman

The late Sam Blumenfeld had many proteges, and one of them is Mr. Alex Newman.  Alex co-author Sam’s last book, Crimes of the Educators, and is currently on a nation-wide speaking tour entitled “Rescuing our Children.”  Alex took time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed on WSMN-AM 1590 Nashua, NH where me .and Miss. Isabel Adams of Brave Enough to Fail were guest hosting. Here is a link to that interview


Camp Constitution and Save the Persecuted Christians Sponsor “The People of the Cross” Banner Display at the Massachusetts State House June 27–11:00 AM

     Camp Constitution and Save the Persecuted Christians  has arranged for our People of the Cross Exhibit produced by Save the Persecuted Christians to be shown at the Massachusetts State Capitol on Thursday, June 27 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m at Nurses Hall.   Several speakers will be joining us to show support and solidarity for persecuted Christians, such as Dr. Charles Jacobs who received the Boston Freedom Award for helping to free African Christian slaves captured in jihad slave raids in Sudan,  Dexter Van Zile, senior analyst at CAMERA, Senior Pastor Raffoul Najem of the Community Christian Fellowship Church, Sandy Wezowicz, Israel Education Director for Aglow International, Pastor and Bible Teacher, and Camp Constitution instructor Earl Wallace and others.
   A Video of an interview of Mr. William Brown of Save the Persecuted Christians which aired on WEZE


Don’t Hate the Straight-An Interview with John Hugo, the Organizer of the Straight Pride Parade

Camp Constitution had the opportunity to interview Mr.   John Hugo, the founder of the Straight Pride Parade.   John is a conservative political activist who has run for public office.  He was recently a candidate for Congress.   He lives in Greater Boston.  John explains the reason for launching the project, and how the story went viral not just in the U.S. but around the world.


Pro-Life Rally and Press Conference at the Massachusetts State House

     Camp Constitution Media attended today’s  Pro-Life Rally and Press Conference at the Massachusetts State House.

The Susan B. Anthony List, Renew Massachusetts Coalition, Massachusetts Family Institute and other pro-life individuals and organizations held a press conference today  Wednesday June 5, 2019 at the Massachusetts State House  to announce the results of a recent poll regarding the provisions of the Roe Act Infanticide Bill.  Participants included Sue Swayze Liebel, State Policy Director, Susan B. Anthony List, Andrew Beckwith, Massachusetts Family Institute,  Debby Dugan, Renew Massachusetts Coalition, Myrna Maloney Flynn, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Abigail Young, Students for Life, and Bernadette and Jim Lyons

The event was in opposition to the  Roe Act (SB 1209 and HB 3320)  which would radically expand abortion in Massachusetts by eliminating parental consent for underage girls to get an abortion, removing any quantifiable or meaningful justification for a late term abortion (after 24 weeks), and removing the provision that requires a baby born alive receive life-saving care. Recent polling conducted by Susan B Anthony list demonstrates that Massachusetts voters do not support this dramatic expansion of abortion and oppose the specific policy changes proposed by the Roe Act.


The Weekly Sam: Four Years Ago Today We Lost a Giant But His Work Lives On


Four years ago today, I lost a dear friend, and the world lost one of the pioneers in the modern homeschool movement, and one of the first to have the courage to expose the “Education Mafia.”  Sam Blumenfeld was born May 31, 1926 and, died a day after his 89th birthday June 1, 2015.   About 20 years ago, Sam told me that he would work until he dropped.  He was true to his word, giving and selling copies of his last book Crimes of the Educators which he co-authored with Alex Newman on his deathbed.  I last saw Sam five days before he passed with Alex Newman who was meeting Sam in person for the first time.    I  pledged to Sam that we at Camp Constitution would ensure that his work would  people for years to come.

Sam left  his library, and papers to me. and with the help of Bill McNally, founder of the Sam Blumenfeld Literacy Foundation, Mark Affleck, our camp newspaper editor, and our webmaster Eric Conover, the Sam Blumenfeld Archives was created.  Since its debut in late 2015, the archives have been visited by thousands of people around the world.  Last year, the archives had close to two million views, and over 100,000 downloads.  We encourage readers to help promote Sam’s work by sharing the archives, and donating to Camp Constitution which will enable us to maintain and expand the archive.         Donations can be made via our PayPal account accessed from our website’s homepage

Sam asked me to host a luncheon when Alex Newman was in town.  Here is a link to that event that took place a few days before his passing:



Memorial Day Speech of James Garfield

James Garfield, the 20th President of the United States, served in the Union Army and made the rank of general.  While a member of Congress, he gave a speech at the 1st Memorial Day then called Decoration Day observatation May 30, 1868  in front of a crowd of 5,0000 at Arlington National Cemetery.

I am oppressed with a sense of the impropriety of uttering words on this occasion. If silence is ever golden, it must be here beside the graves of fifteen thousand men, whose lives were more significant than speech, and whose death was a poem, the music of which can never be sung. With words we make promises, plight faith, praise virtue. Promises may not be kept; plighted faith may be broken; and vaunted virtue be only the cunning mask of vice. We do not know one promise these men made, one pledge they gave, one word they spoke; but we do know they summed up and perfected, by one supreme act, the highest virtues of men and citizens. For love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue. For the noblest man that lives, there still remains a conflict. He must still withstand the assaults of time and fortune, must still be assailed with temptations, before which lofty natures have fallen; but with these the conflict ended, the victory was won, when death stamped on them the great seal of heroic character, and closed a record which years can never blot.

I know of nothing more appropriate on this occasion than to inquire what brought these men here; what high motive led them to condense life into an hour, and to crown that hour by joyfully welcoming death? Let us consider.

Eight years ago this was the most unwarlike nation of the earth. For nearly fifty years no spot in any of these states had been the scene of battle. Thirty millions of people had an army of less than ten thousand men. The faith of our people in the stability and permanence of their institutions was like their faith in the eternal course of nature. Peace, liberty, and personal security were blessings as common and universal as sunshine and showers and fruitful seasons; and all sprang from a single source, the old American principle that all owe due submission and obedience to the lawfully expressed will of the majority. This is not one of the doctrines of our political system—it is the system itself. It is our political firmament, in which all other truths are set, as stars in Heaven. It is the encasing air, the breath of the Nation’s life. Against this principle the whole weight of the rebellion was thrown. Its overthrow would have brought such ruin as might follow in the physical universe, if the power of gravitation were destroyed and

“Nature’s concord broke,
Among the constellations war were sprung,
Two planets, rushing from aspect malign
Of fiercest opposition, in mid-sky
Should combat, and their jarring spheres confound.” (From Milton’s Paradise Lost)

The Nation was summoned to arms by every high motive which can inspire men. Two centuries of freedom had made its people unfit for despotism. They must save their Government or miserably perish.

As a flash of lightning in a midnight tempest reveals the abysmal horrors of the sea, so did the flash of the first gun disclose the awful abyss into which rebellion was ready to plunge us. In a moment the fire was lighted in twenty million hearts. In a moment we were the most warlike Nation on the earth. In a moment we were not merely a people with an army—we were a people in arms. The Nation was in column—not all at the front, but all in the array.

I love to believe that no heroic sacrifice is ever lost; that the characters of men are molded and inspired by what their fathers have done; that treasured up in American souls are all the unconscious influences of the great deeds of the Anglo-Saxon race, from Agincourt to Bunker Hill. It was such an influence that led a young Greek, two thousand years ago, when musing on the battle of Marathon, to exclaim, “the trophies of Miltiades will not let me sleep!” Could these men be silent in 1861; these, whose ancestors had felt the inspiration of battle on every field where civilization had fought in the last thousand years? Read their answer in this green turf. Each for himself gathered up the cherished purposes of life—its aims and ambitions, its dearest affections—and flung all, with life itself, into the scale of battle.

And now consider this silent assembly of the dead. What does it represent? Nay, rather, what does it not represent? It is an epitome of the war. Here are sheaves reaped in the harvest of death, from every battlefield of Virginia. If each grave had a voice to tell us what its silent tenant last saw and heard on earth, we might stand, with uncovered heads, and hear the whole story of the war. We should hear that one perished when the first great drops of the crimson shower began to fall, when the darkness of that first disaster at Manassas fell like an eclipse on the Nation; that another died of disease while wearily waiting for winter to end; that this one fell on the field, in sight of the spires of Richmond, little dreaming that the flag must be carried through three more years of blood before it should be planted in that citadel of treason; and that one fell when the tide of war had swept us back till the roar of rebel guns shook the dome of yonder Capitol, and re-echoed in the chambers of the Executive Mansion. We should hear mingled voices from the Rappahannock, the Rapidan, the Chickahominy, and the James; solemn voices from the Wilderness, and triumphant shouts from the Shenandoah, from Petersburg, and the Five Forks, mingled with the wild acclaim of victory and the sweet chorus of returning peace. The voices of these dead will forever fill the land like holy benedictions.

What other spot so fitting for their last resting place as this under the shadow of the Capitol saved by their valor? Here, where the grim edge of battle joined; here, where all the hope and fear and agony of their country centered; here let them rest, asleep on the Nation’s heart, entombed in the Nation’s love!

Camp Constitution’s motto is “Honor the Past….Teach the Present….Prepare the Future.”