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Preliminary Injunction on Behalf of Christian Flag Controversy Denied

In a ruling against Hal Shurtleff and Camp Constitution U.S. District Judge Denise Casper stated:

“Certainly, an event to ‘raise the Christian flag’ could serve some of plaintiffs’ cited secular purposes, such as the celebration of religious freedom in Boston and the contributions of Boston’s Christian residents to the city,” the ruling states. “However, its primary purpose would be to convey government endorsement of a particular religion by displaying the Christian flag alongside that of the United States and the commonwealth in front of City Hall. Blowing in the wind, these side-by-side flags could quite literally become entangled. If plaintiffs were not seeking government endorsement, then Plaintiffs would presumably be content to raise their own flag on their own in the same location as has been suggested.”

We shall see if this ruling stands, however, a logical conclusion to the opinion expressed by this Judge is that …

  • The City of Boston officially endorses LGBT since it raised a rainbow flag for LGBT “pride” on June 1, 2018
  • The City of Boston officially endorses Transgender since it raised a blue, pink and white transgender flag on May 2, 2016.
    Mayor Marty Walsh even tweeted “Proud to fly the over Boston City Hall for the 1st time in MA history – a sign that everyone is welcome.”

Apparently, everyone is welcome in Boston except Christians. The primary purpose of flying the flag being to convey government endorsement means that Christians are at best tolerated while those advocating behaviors traditionally considered deviant and perverse are in fact endorsed. Make of that what you will.

Camp Constitution on Youtube Gets a Reorganization

Come on over to Camp Constitution’s Youtube channel and take a peek at our reorganized content.

The playlists have been updated so that the 2018-2016 playlist are readily available. Also we now have a section with dedicated playlist of our guest instructors. Additionally, there is an “About Camp” section that has general information on the camp and a series of playlists from 2018 back to 2011. So if you want to know more about the camp and get a feel for the program or if you simply want to remember good times from yesteryear, everything you need is right there.

New 2018 Camp Photos added to the Picture Album!

This year the newspaper staff collected over 850 photos from several cameras during the course of publishing the daily camp newspaper. Campers and staff interested in downloading choice photos should go the menu above: “Camp Items” | “Camp Pictures”. There you will find slide shows by category for each of our ten camps. Many thanks to all of you who came into the office and offered to share your pictures. — Editor

2018 Newspapers are Now Archived and Available

The 2018 Newspapers are now in the archive:
Use the “Camp Items” Menu and select “Camp Archive”
You’ll see a Gold Colored Link entitled: “Camp Journal Archives”. Click it.

The 2018 Newspapers are in the right most column.
You should be able to download them as pdf files in color.
Print as needed.

Photos will be uploaded soon.

— Editor