Hal Shurtleff

Director and Co-Founder of Camp Constitution.

Constitution Day. How Well Do You Know the Constitution?

Today marks the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution when on September 17, 1787,  39 of the 42 delegates present approved of the U.S. Constitution, and the convention adjourned.  Sadly, most Americans have little or any knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.  We at Camp Constitution have made efforts to help educate Americans about the U.S. Constitution.  Since our inception, we have distributed over 20,000 pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution, conducted dozens of lectures, and classes on the U.S. Constitution, and given our 10 Question quiz to thousands of people.  We encourage readers to take our 10 question quiz:    http://campconstitution.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Camp-Constitution-U-S-Constitution-Quiz.pdf 


Our YouTube Channel has a U.S. Constitution playlist.  It contains lectures, classes and interviews of our instructors and speaker over the years.  Please watch, share and subscribe to our Channel.



America is Worth Fighting For: Barbara from Harlem Speaks at Camp Constitution Event

We first met Barbara from Harlem at at the Flag Day/Second Amendment Rally in June of 2018 in Massachusetts.  Since then, we have hosted her on several occasions including our recently held event in Lexington, MA  where she gave this excellent and motivational speech encouraging Patriots to fight for America:



She will also be the keynote speaker at our 1st Annual Ladies Retreat to be held from Friday October 2 to Sunday October 4 at the Singing Hills Christian Camp and Conference Center in Plainfield, NH-the same venue where we held our 2020 Family Camp.  In addition to Barbara,  Mrs. Edith Craft will be leading devotionals, Mrs. Maura Shurtleff will teach us how to make a holiday wreath and another surprise.  Mrs. Keiko Bernardi will be getting our blood moving each morning with a light stretch.  An easy community project will be detailed for you to bring back to your home community.  Mrs. Catherine White will host a  shooting range session.   Tabletop discussions covering home schooling and other school alternatives as well as innovations to expanding camp will be included.

 Friday night will feature a pot luck supper.  There will the ability to keep your dish cold or a place to plug in your crock pot.  If you would like to share your recipe email it to:  stewart1890@hotmail.com and copies of your recipe will be placed next to your dish.
 Three meals on Saturday and two on Sunday will be provided by the excellent Singing Hills chef.  S’mores will be enjoyed at the nightly campfires.  Anyone that would like to share their musical or other entertainment talents are encouraged to come prepared.  We are still seeking addition ideas to round the weekend.  Cost for lodging, meals and supplies is $200.    RSVPs can be made by calling Mrs. Maura Shurtleff 857-498-1309 for more details or questions.  Payments can be made via our PayPal account accessed from our website’s homepage http://www.campconstitution.net or by check payable to Camp Constitution and mailed to us at 12 March Ave. West Roxbury, MA  02132.










Black Woman Schools White Black Life Matters Supporters


Bebe Diamond was on a tour of the Lexington Battle Green in Lexington, MA sponsored by Camp Constitution when she politely confronted a group of white Black Lives Matter supporters.  Bebe told these white ladies that the organization Black Lives Matter does not speak for the Black community.

The Weekly Sam: The New Barbarians Public Schoolers Without Conscience

Sam Blumenfeld was ahead of his time.  In his  March 1993, newsletter, Sam makes the case that public schools are turning our amoral brutes.  He would not be surprised at all at the mayhem that is going on all over the U. S. today.  Here is a link to that newsletter:  http://blumenfeld.campconstitution.net/1995/BEL%2010-03%20199503.pdf

If you haven’t, please subscribe to the Blumenfeld Archives and share the archives with people in your sphere of influence:   http://campconstitution.net/sam-blumenfeld-archive/  

Exposing Black Lives Matter: An Interview with Beverlyn Beatty of At the Well Ministries

Last week, Camp Constitution Radio had the opportunity to interview Beverlyn Beatty of At The Well Ministries  https://www.atthewellministries.org/    Beverlyn was one of the ladies arrested in front of Trump Towers in New York City for painting over the Black Lives Matter “mural.”

A link to our audio version on Podomatic:  https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/shurtleffhal/episodes/2020-08-14T18_31_36-07_00










The Weekly Sam: How “Progressive” Educators Planned to Socialize America

In his March 1987 newsletter, Sam Blumenfeld spelled out the plans that the enemies of America had for our nation.  The riots in the streets prove Sam to be correct.  This is why we must take our children out of the government schools.  http://blumenfeld.campconstitution.net/1987/BEL%2002-03%20198703.

Our Blumenfeld Archive is enjoying an increase in views and downloads. Please help share this precious and valuable resource:  http://blumenfeld.campconstitution.net

Behind the Riots:

Rev. Steve Craft gave a powerful presentation at Camp Constitution’s 12 annual family camp held from July 19-24 at the Singing Hills Christian Camp in Plainfield.  Rev. Craft gives an historical overview of the riots and who is behind them.  He discusses the book Color, Communism, and Common Sense written by Manning Johnson, a former black communist reprinted by Camp Constitution Press   http://campconstitution.net/product/color-communism-and-common-sense-by-manning-johnson/  and discusses the communist and racist roots of Black Lives Matter.


Camp Constitution’s 12 Annual Family Camp-Largest Turnout in Our History

While many camp facilities and groups canceled their annual events,  we, Camp Constitution and our host Singing Hills Christian Camp in Plainfield, NH were determined to hold our 12th annual family camp.  Expecting a small turnout, Singing Hills relieved us of our contractual obligations, but it wasn’t necessary since we far exceeded the numbers.  We had over 130 attendees including a number of new families.  While a few of our scheduled instructors, Lord Christopher Monckton, and John McManus, and John Hoderny, our head counselor, were unable to attend, we had an excellent group of instructors including Alex Newman, Jonathan Alexandre of Liberty Counsel and Dr. Felecia Nace, Catherine White, and the Patriot Pastor, Garrett Lear.   Mrs. Edith Craft led the Junior Camper program.

In addition to the classes, we had plenty of recreational events, and for the first time, we had marksmanship training.  Led by Dr. Gene Long,  over 30 campers and adults fired a weapon for the first time.  Mr. Steve Wanager not only brought his Colonial and Civil War cannons, but fired them as well.   We also had an optional field trip to nearby Quechee Gorge.   Evangeline Herrygurs of Sarasota, Florida and Stephen Mauder of Toledo, Ohio were our Super Campers.    Here is a link to a YouTube playlist of our classes and events:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7jnzBzBiNYDOAZbrVE4kD1jNlhxScPmH    We have already booked Singing Hills for next year Sunday July 18 to Friday July 23, 2021. For those who are looking to book an event for your church or group, we highly recommend Singing Hills:  https://www.singinghills.net/

Thanks to all who helped make this camp possible.

Debunking Howard Zinn Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America-An Interview of Mary Grabar

While Howard Zinn died in 2010, his legacy of hating America lives on.  His book  A Peoples History of the United States, laced with historic innacuracies and  deliberate lies, has been used as a textbook in American schools.  With such hatred of our nation being taught in government and some private schools, we shoudn’t be surprised to see Zinn’s disciples tearing down our statues and destoying our cities.  I recently had the honor to interview historian and author Mary Grabar, author of her important book Debunking Howard Zinn Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America.  A link to that interview:


Mary Grabar’s bio from her website:

I was born in Slovenia (then part of communist Yugoslavia) and grew up in Rochester, New York. I moved to Georgia in 1985 and earned my Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia in 2002.mary baby

My parents took me and fled a communist regime. In graduate school I became a dissident to the reigning political correctness and Marxism taking over the humanities. I came to conservatism after witnessing the deliberate destruction of our literary heritage and respect for the West and the United States by radical professors in my graduate seminars. While teaching as an adjunct instructor (low pay, no benefits, no security), I wrote about the corruption in education—and lost teaching jobs.

In 2011, I founded the Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc., dedicated to “resisting the re-education of America,” www.dissidentprof.com. Dissident Prof filed for 501(c) (3) status on February 8, 2013. Caught up in the persecution of dissident groups, notably those using the term “tea party” in their names, by President Obama, Dissident Prof met stonewalling and unreasonable demands for information from the IRS and did not receive nonprofit status until the fall of 2014. Dissident Prof participated in a successful class action lawsuit against the IRS that was settled in late 2018.

In 2013, the program under which I was teaching at Emory University ended, and in 2014, I moved to Clinton, New York, and became a resident fellow at The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, where I continued to write about education for publications and for the AHI website. One of those topics was the corrosive effect of communist historian Howard Zinn, whose A People’s History of the United States has broken records in sales and adoption for classroom use since its initial publication in 1980.

On August 20, 2019, my book, Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America was published by Regnery.To schedule me for a media interview or a speaking event, please contact me here.

To order her book, please visit her website: