Hal Shurtleff

Director and Co-Founder of Camp Constitution.

Camp Constitutuion’s Annual Family Camp’s Schedule

Our 10th Annual Family Camp is two months away.  We have what we thing is the best lineup of instructors in our camp’s history.  Here is the schedule:

Camp Constitution – 2018 – Daily General Schedule

Lakeside Christian Camp & Conference Center – Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Every Morning: (Monday – Saturday)
6:30 AM Run and/or Polar Bear Swim Optional
7:00 AM WAKE-UP!

7:50 AM Flagpole, Devotions, and Announcements +

8:00 AM Breakfast in Cafeteria
8:30 AM Staff Meeting // Students in Cabins (cleaning & decorating)

Classes (Mon.-Fri.) 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 AM in Old Chapel near lake
(with mini-breaks in between)
Detailed Class List on other side of this page
Junior Patriot Classes as directed by Mrs Craft ________________________________________

Placement Quiz, and Exit Exam at Cafeteria or Location(s) to be Announced.

12:00 Noon Lunch — Cafeteria: Each camper to take care of own dishes as instructed + Two people from each table to return water pitchers, wipe down
tables, etc., before Recreation! (Unless otherwise instructed!)

1:00 – 5:00 PM: Special Activities: Photos, Hike, Field Trip; Optional Sessions.
Otherwise Recreation includes Swim & Boat activities (when Lifeguard is on duty), and organized competitions and games set up by Mr Kalis. Tournaments may also be organized, but participants have a duty to locate each other, follow charts and arrange times to play!

Evenings: (Sunday – Friday)
5:30 Dinner and Clean-up!
6:30 Class, 7:20 Flagpole
7:45 Class
8:35 Break*
9:00 Campfire – *Bring Flashlight & Song Book; Beware Mosquitoes!
10:00 Break: Snacks** and Camp Newspapers usually available
10:30 in Cabins; 11:00 Lights OUT!
** Pizza Party Friday evening after Campfire!

Saturday – After Breakfast, Cabin & Public Area Cleanup, Pack up your stuff, exchange info, & leave!
Safe Travels to All! Hope to See You Again Next Year!
Camp Constitution – 2018 Class & Event Schedule
4:00—Staff Orientation — Cafeteria — Mr Hal Shurtleff
6:30—Campers (11 years or older) Placement Quiz — Mrs Ruth Harper, Mr Norman Tregenza
7:45—Camper Orientation — Mr Shurtleff, Mr John Hoderny, Mr Chris Kalis, et al.

9:00 AM—Introduction to the United States Constitution —Mrs KrisAnne Hall
10:00 AM—A Reverent Look at the United States Constitution —Lord Monckton
11:00 AM—Defending Your Worldview —Dr Duke Pesta

1:00— Camp Photo (All !) Using Risers at Campfire Pit w/ Richmond Pond (the lake) in Background
2:00— Optional Workshop: C.S. Lewis: Atheism to Apologetics —Dr Pesta

6:30 Get Us Out of the United Nations Mr. John McManus
7:45 The Moral American, B-1! —Mr John Hoderny (boys); Mrs King (girls)

9:00 AM—The Bill of Rights —Mrs Catherine White
10:00 AM—The Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax —Professor Willie Soon
11:00 AM—Liberty Over Security —KrisAnne Hall
After lunch? Optional Recreation: HIKE up MOUNT GREYLOCK

6:30—Articles I – (Legislative), and II – (Executive) of U.S. Constitution —Catherine White
7:45—Attacks on the Union —Mr. Tom Moor
9:00 AM—Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030 —Ms Debbie Baciigalupi
10:00 AM—America’s Godly Heritage Pastor Earl Wallace
11:00 AM—Climate Summit and the United Nations —Lord Monckton

6:30—Red Pill Politics —Mr Dave Kopacz Interviews Lord Monckton and KrisAnne Hall
7:45—Articles III Judicial, IV State Duties, V To Amend, VI Supremacy,Treaties, Treason & VII—Mr Tregenza
9:00 AM—Truth Over Personality —KrisAnne Hall
10:00 AM—Life Under Sharia Law —Pastor William Levi
11:00 AM—Are the Sea Levels Rising? —Professor Willie Soon

3:00 Optional Workshop: Vaccines – Good or Bad? Or Both? —Punyamurtula Kishore
6:30—FINAL EXAM! —Mrs Harper and Mr Tregenza
7:45—Defending Your Worldview —Mr Michael King

9:00 AM—Flags of Our Fathers (And Mothers) Mr. Richard Howell
10:00 AM—Taking Action —Mr King // Off-campus: Community Outreach —Mr Shurtleff
11:00 AM—What Is Money —Mr McManus

3:00 PM Optional Initiative Petitions Mr. Keith Davis

6:30—Exam Review/Graduation
7:45—Closing Ceremonies Hal Shurtleff, Lord Monckton

SATURDAY – After Breakfast, Cabin & Public Area Cleanup, Pack up your stuff, exchange info, leave!
Safe Travels to All! Hope to See You Again Next Year!

To register to camp: /http://camperregsecure.com/campconstitution/

If you aren’t planning on attending but would like to help send a young person to camp, consider a donation. You can do so via our PayPal account accessed on our homepage:  http://www.campconstitution.net

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by E-mail or call me (857)-498-1309


The Weekly Sam: The Benefits of Teaching History at Home By Samuel L. Blumenfeld

The other day I was having dinner at a friend’s house and was chatting with his
12-year-old daughter who attends a local public school. I asked her how she was doing,
and she told me that she hated school-not merely disliked schoo~ but hated it. I had
hoped that her parents would home-school her. But they just couldn’t do it. I told her I
thought I knew why she hated school-because it was boring. Yes, she replied. It was
boring. And then I said, “And you’re probably not learning much also.” She wanted to
know what I meant by that. So I asked her to name the first three wars that the United
States was involved with. She got the first one all right, the Revolutionary War. But the
only other war she could think of was the Civil War, and she had no idea when that took

The second war, I told her, was the one fought against the Barbary pirates of
North Africa who kidnapped Americans for ransom. An American invasion of
Tripolitania brought that war to a victorious end. My friend’s daughter had never heard
of that war. The fact is that most Americans have never heard of it. But the anthem of
the U.S. Marine Corps should remind us: “From the halls ofMontezuma, to the Shores of
Tripoli… ”

The third war was the War of 1812. She had never heard of that one either. She
had never heard of the Battle of New Orleans, or the burning of Washington by the
British, or Andrew Jackson, the hero of that war who later became our seventh President.
“But I know all about the Industrial Revolution,” she volunteered. It turned out
that her class had been studying the cotton mills of New England and how young girls
were being exploited by the mill owners who were rich and mean. So, at the age of 12,
she was already being indoctrinated to view factory owners as exploiters of poor young

She had heard of Eli Whitney and the cotton gin. But she had never heard of
Robert Fulton and the steamboat. In other words, the public schools were teaching
“social studies” not history. Their aim was to indoctrinate children in a pro-socialist view
of our history by emphasizing the meanness of capitalism.
But homeschoolers have the freedom to teach history as history and not as
propagandistic social studies. History is such a fascinating subject and can be studied in
so many different ways: chronologically, by reading biographies and autobiographies, by
unit studies, by concentrating on certain eras and events. The Civil War commands great
interest for many reasons. Thousands of books have been written about virtually every
aspect of that war. There are even organizations that stage mock battles of the Civil War,
with uniforms and weapons made to the exact specifications of the real things.

Every American should have a foundational knowledge of American history in
order to affirm one’s American identity and heritage. Our nation’s history is such a
remarkable story, so full of great and wonderful people, so vibrant with human endeavor
and enterprise, so stirring in its afftrmation of freedom and love of country, that it
behooves a home schooling parent to learn and teach history to one’s children as a means
of making sure that a child understands what it means to be an American.
Americans, and homeschoolers in particular, have a responsibility of transferring
to future generations the philosophy of our founding fathers, who sacrificed so much so
that we could enjoy the fruits of liberty. It is only through knowledge of history that we
can make sure that our free society continues to exist in decades ahead.

It is, of course, a tragedy that millions of young Americans will never learn
history in their public schools, which have betrayed the trust that parents have, over the
years, placed in them. But it is the opinion of this writer that government schools have
never been compatible with the principles of a free society in which parents have the
responsibility of educating their children in accordance with their own values and beliefs.
Prof. Benjamin Bloom, father of Outcome-Based Education, wrote in his famous
Taxonomy: “By educational objectives, we mean explicit formulations of the ways in
which students are expected to be changed by the educative process. That is, the ways in
which they will change in their thinking, their feelings, and their actions.”
Knowing how important it was to start indoctrinating children as early as
possible, Bloom wrote: “The evidence points out convincingly to the fact that age is a
factor operating against attempts to effect a complete or thorough-going reorganization of
attitudes and values …. The evidence collected thus far suggests that a single hour of
classroom activity under certain conditions may bring about a major reorganization in
cognitive as well as affective behaviors.” Those are not the words of an educator who respects the values and beliefs of
parents whose children he is about to indoctrinate.

(A link to a PDF version of the above speech    http://blumenfeld.campconstitution.net/Other/Benefits%20of%20Teaching%20History%20at%20Home.pdf

Camp Constitution’s Dangers of an Article V Convention Press Conference and Outreach Harrisburg, PA

 On Thursday March 29, Camp Constitution   hosted a press conference on the dangers of an Article V Convention press conference, and outreach at the Pennsylvania State House in Harrisburg.     We had two members of the media, and a staff member for the Democrat research entity on hand  In addition to the press conference, we distributed copies of a flyer pointing out the dangers of an Article V Convention to most of the house and senate members, and the governor’s office.
  Here is a link to the press conference:
   A special thanks to Mark, Dave and Mill Affleck, Al Zeller, Stacey West, Jim Barr, and John Kreider.

The Weekly Sam: The Homeschool Movement and Christian Revival by Samuel L. Blumenfeld


The crisis in the West, in the industrially advanced nations,
and particularly in the United States, is one brought on by the
prevalence of state-controlled education in which the Left has
wielded overwhelming ideological influence on the minds of the
young, thereby creating endless conflicts between disparate
philosophies and world views. The increase in illiteracy, homelessness,
poverty, drug addiction, social disintegration, teenage
rebellion and despair are the results of an education system that
promotes moral subjectivism, situational ethics, behaviorism,
sexual permissiveness, and evolution

By denying the existence of God, of moral absolutes, of the
soul, of the intellect, the system denies children the only true
protection they have against evil. By denying the existence of sin,
the system denies children their only means of understanding and
controlling the satanic spirit that has infected the human race
since the fall of man. The worst thing that we can do to a child
is teach him or her that sin does not exist. It is only through an
acknowledgment of sin that a human being can begin to deal with it.
It is to the credit of a growing number of Christian families
in America that secular public education is finally being recognized
as the destroyer of the moral standards and values which are the
imperatives of a Christian society. The home-school movement is
where the true Christian revival is taking place — not in the
churches,  not even in the Christian school.
The revival is taking place within the Christian hom-school
family, where the father has assumed spiritual leadership, where
parents pass on to their children the knowledge, wisdom and values
of a Christian heritage. The revival is based on the family’s
return to Biblical principles in parenting, child-rearing, and
education. God commands parents to educate their children in a
Godly manner. The home-school movement thereby fulfills the
first requisite of revival: obedience to God.
True revival cannot take place in church where Christians
profess to be born again but send their children to public schools
to be corrupted and proselytized by humanists. True revival occurs
when Christian parents take full control of, and responsibilit y
for, their children’s education and, when they do so, in obedience
to God’s commandments.

True revival means true obedience to God’s way. When children
follow God’s way, the y learn to sa y grace at meals, to respect and
honor their parents, to accept God’s plan for their lives. They
learn to love Christ for His gift of salvation. They learn to grow
and prosper within the safe constraints of God’s law but with the
glorious freedom to be God’s child and to exercise one’s talents,
abilities, and special gifts for His glory.
That is the kind of revival that is taking place in the homeschool
movement, where the Christian family has made a radical
decision to break with secular cultural norms and create an entirely
new kind of modern Christian family where obedience to God is
central, where learning is a family affair, where enterprise is
encouraged, and where the latest technology is adapted to God’s
purposes. This is the kind of revival, the kind of movement,
that has the potential of changing America dramatically in the
next two decades and influencing the Western world in general.
Already the American home-school movement is influencing
Christian families in other countries. It is serving as a model
of integrated, happy, loving family life where children live and
work in harmony with their parents, where children are protected
from the dangers of a corrupt, irrational, and increasingly
violent and diseased society. It is a model that is so attractive
that many public-school children admire and envy their home-schooling
neighbors. wishing that their own narents would decide to emulate

The crisis in education in America is a crisis of conflicting
purposes and conflicting goals. The government schools have their
own agenda, and Christian parents have another. Those parents who
persist in sending their children to the public schools help
perpetuate the crisis through their patronage and support of a
system that is in conflict with their own professed belief s. And
the simple truth is that Christians will never wrest control of the
system from the humanists, for the latter have so thoroughly shaped
the system in their own image that no accomodation with Christianity
is even remotely possible. Thus, handing one’s children over to
the humanists for education is tantamount to handing them over to

And so, while the superficial revival of the ’80s made a
great deal of splash through flamboyant televangelism, the true
and profound revival is taking place quietly but steadily among
the home-schoolers~ — where whole families have made a decision
to live according to God’s way. And by their fruits we shall
know them!  The home-school family is producing a youngster who represents
the finest expression of the American Christian character: moral
in behavior, peer independent, self-confident, respectful of
elders, self-disciplined, inventive, freedom loving, patriotic,
enterprising, and God fearing. These are the youngsters who will
become the leaders of tomorrow . With enough of them, America
of will once more be a nation worthy of  God’s grace, living in obedience
to His commandments.

The Blumenfeld Archives.    A link to a PDF version of the above article:     http://blumenfeld.campconstitution.net/Articles/The%20Home-School%20Movement%20&%20Christian%20Revival.pdf

The Weekly Sam: Camp Constitution’s YouTube Page Created the Sam Blumenfeld Playlist

While there are numerous videos of Sam Blumenfeld on YouTube, we thought that it would be a good idea to create a Sam Blumenfeld Playlist that would make it easier for people to access Sam’s important work.  As time permits, we will add videos and convert the audio to video and upload it on our channel.  Here is the link to the playlist:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7jnzBzBiNYCRCvx4MDuOrvsitDW2M3Ka

And the link to the archive:  http://campconstitution.net/sam-blumenfeld-archive/





The Weekly Sam: Hundreds of Hours of Sam’s Presentations

Sam Blumenfeld spoke to hundreds of groups around the United States, and other parts of the word.  He also appeared as a guest on radio, and TV shows.  Thanks to Mark Affleck, Camp Constittution’s camp newspaper editor, we were able to convert many of Sam’s presentations from audio cassette, VHS and even a few reel to reel to MP3 and MP4.  We have hundreds of hours of Sam’s speeches, lectures, interviews, and worskshops available on our Sam Blumenfeld Archive.  Visit the site today, and begin to have access this incredible free resourse.





Camp Constitution’s 2018 Annual Family Camp August 5-11 in the Berkshires of Massachusetts


Camp Constitution’s 10th annual family summer camp will run from Sunday August 5 to Saturday August 11 at the Lakeside Christian Camp in Pittsfield, MA

This year’s guest instructors include Lord Christopher Monckton,  Professor Willie Soon, one of the world’s top “climate realists,” Dr. Duke Pesta, Pastor William Levi of Operation Nehemiah,  and Mrs. Krisanne Hall.  The camp offers programs for children of all ages, and is open to entire families and/or unaccompanied minors.

In addition to the classes, campers will have the opportunity to participate in swimming, canoeing, hiking, basketball, volleyball, and an evening campfire.  On the last full day of camp, campers will distribute copies of the U.S. Constitution to residents of the surrounding community. Field trip to local historical sites and a visit to Mt Greylock are also planned. For more information, contact Mr. Hal Shurtleff, director of Camp Constitution (857) 498-1309 or visit the web site:  http://www.campconstitution.net/